The effectiveness of the funeral rituals 

Question: I lost my husband in March of this year. In Korea, there is a traditional funeral culture that has been affected by Buddhism, there are certain rituals to make the souls of the dead go to paradise. For example, people often hold a certain ritual on the 49th day after a person died. Do these rituals have a positive effect on the dead?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

You need to recognize here that in every culture around the world you have a very natural reaction when people lose a loved one. They do not want to lose that loved one, they want to maintain some kind of tie. Various cultures have built, various elaborate constructions for what you should do for your departed loved ones, how the funerals should be, what kind of rituals you should do, you will find them in both religious and non-religious contexts.

It is not necessarily that these cannot have a positive effect on the departed person. Sometimes a soul will need some kind of boost from its living relatives to move to another level. But in general, they have more of an effect on the people who are still in embodiment. They might serve to comfort them. But in some cases, it also serves to maintain an unbalanced attachment to the departed person, and it can actually prevent the departed person or soul from moving on to a higher level. There are people who have such a strong attachment to their departed relatives that the souls of those relatives cannot move on, but are tied to the physical realm.

And in terms of this specific ritual of trying to make souls of departed loved ones go to paradise, this is not a constructive view. But of course, it is understandable given the context. But the reality is that very few people go to paradise or the ascended realm after the body dies. They go to a certain station depending on their level of consciousness where they can prepare for their next embodiment.

What is more constructive is of course to do a certain ritual for helping the soul of the departed loved one to move on. When you have ascended master teachings, you can give the decrees to Astrea to cut free the soul. You can use various invocations, including the invocation to Astrea to cut free the soul so that they become free from any attachment or ties to the astral plane, to the physical plane, the mental plane, the lower identity realm and move to the highest possible station they can move to in between embodiments. You can also make calls for your departed relative to help them resolve various psychological issues that you are aware of, and that they might not have been able or willing to deal with while they were in embodiment. But this does not mean they cannot deal with them in between embodiments.

There are certainly various things you can do. But most of the things you will find out there are not particularly effective for helping the departed. They are more aimed at comforting those who are still in embodiment.


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