The educational system in Russia

Question: A question about the educational system in Russia which is getting worse day by day. Is there any potential to improve the educational system in Russia? Could the ascended masters give us a higher vision of how to do this? The person asking this question is teaching at a university and she is saying that the vision she keeps on it proves the system of education is not high. She is afraid that the education could be worse than it is now.

Answer from the Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

As I said about the leader of a nation being an expression of the consciousness of the people, so is the educational system to some degree an expression of the consciousness of the people. The big question in any nation is whether the educational system actually educates people in terms of raising their awareness, or whether it actually has the opposite effect of either lowering their consciousness or forcing their minds to accept the status quo of a fixed or closed system.

Certainly, we of the ascended masters can give many directions, but we cannot give this through a messenger who is not an expert on education. Therefore, we would prefer to give this through educators in Russia. They do not need to take dictations, but they need to tune in to the individual masters that oversee education. You need to make an effort to raise your consciousness, to use the tools we have given and then to attune your mind and heart to the masters who specifically deal with education, or even any master that you feel is close to your heart, for any master can serve as an intermediary for other masters.

You may look at other nations as well where already different forms for alternative education have been released. There are several. You will know from past dispensations of the Montessori Method for younger children, but you need to look elsewhere also. You need to look for more modern theories on education.

Again, this is something that you who know the educational system from the inside, you who are experts on education, you need to see yourselves as the ones who can bring forth new ideas. We cannot bring forth such ideas through a messenger who has not in his or her consciousness the outer knowledge.

You understand the law that we multiply what is in the messenger’s consciousness. You need to see yourself as the messenger, not necessarily taking dictations, but being the open door for bringing forth ideas. This applies, of course, not only to education, but also to all other areas of society, including healthcare, politics, the economy, and many other fields.

It is a law that we of the ascended masters can multiply what you bring to the altar, but if you bring nothing we cannot multiply. You cannot be an expert in every field of modern society for it is too complex. Therefore, you cannot expect a messenger to have such expertise in every field in society that we can give a pre-made theory of education, for example, through that messenger. Then the messenger would not have enough awareness to be a messenger for other fields. Each messenger has a specialty and some are meant to be general messengers for spiritual concepts, such as this one, and that is precisely why his education has been in ascended master and other spiritual philosophies and teachings rather than in a specific area in society. Thus, look within for the answers to such specific questions.


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