The distortion of the teachings of Confucius

Question: I heard that Confucius has already ascended and now he is serving another planet. When we look at Confucius, his teachings from a modern point of view, we might say that his teachings have promoted discrimination against women and had an effect on forming the culture based on duality. Why have these things happened? As Jesus’ teachings were distorted by the fallen beings, were Confucius’ teachings also distorted? If so, can it be possible for the essence of Confucius’ teachings to be introduced correctly in the modern world?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, first of all, there has never been a spiritual teaching given on this planet that has not been perverted. Once a teaching is given in a worded form that can be duplicated and spread, then words can be interpreted, things can be built onto it, and the fallen beings have always attempted to pervert any teaching. The teachings of Confucius have been also perverted, of course. They have been used as an excuse for centralizing the state under the command of one person, one leader. They have been used to some degree to reinforce the discrimination against women, but there was already a very severe discrimination against women at Confucius’ time, and it simply was not possible to do away with that at the time.

Confucius realized this and took a practical realist standpoint of changing what he thought could be changed based on the level of consciousness he had at the time. And he was, of course, somewhat inspired by ascended masters but only to some degree.

Have the teachings, the essential teachings of Confucius, been reintroduced in the modern world? Well, they have through the teachings of the ascended masters that we are giving in the modern world. Could they be reintroduced as: this is the real teachings of Confucius? Well, that would be very difficult to attain because those who are still somewhat studying or following the teachings of Confucius would be the last people to acknowledge this. And therefore, for people who are not particularly concerned about Confucius, why tie the teachings to Confucius, why not simply give them as we are doing in other contexts?


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