The differences between previous and present ascended master teachings

Question: Can you address the differences and seeming discrepancies between previous Ascended Master teachings, specifically in the I AM dispensation, and the dictations given now? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well this could be a very, very long discourse but I will give you a shorter version.  The main difference is simply the raising of the collective consciousness. The other main difference is to shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Naturally, if you go back to the I AM movement, it became quite a big movement, attracted a large number of people who gave violet flame decrees. This had a very important influence on raising the collective consciousness. As the collective consciousness was raised, we could bring forth a more nuanced and in a way a deeper teaching than we could bring forth in the I AM movement. Now there are still some very, very timeless very valid teachings about the I AM Presence given in the I AM Discourses book. But nevertheless, it needs to be recognized that the I AM movement was very much an expression of the times and of the consciousness as it was at the time.

If you look, for example, at the book Unveiled Mysteries, you could argue that this is basically a spy novel with ascended masters as participants. And that was because at the time, this was what a lot of people could respond to. You can see if you compare Unveiled Mysteries to the My Lives book, that there is a very different narrative, a very different story being told, that is much more psychological and goes deeper. That could not have been released in the 1930s. But the reason it could be released now is, in part, because of all the work that was done by students of the I AM movement. And of course, the later movement of the Summit Llighthouse, Bridge of Freedom, the Roerichs and others. As the consciousness is raised by one movement, we can bring for something that is beyond.

Now, theoretically, we could continue progressive revelation in one specific movement. But the difficulty we have had so far is that the people of these movements have become very attached to not only the teachings but the form of the teachings, the way it was given and also very attached to the sense that their movement had some epic importance. It was the highest spiritual teaching on the planet, or it was very important in shifting consciousness. This meant that people were not flexible enough in their minds to accept the higher teaching that could be given because of the work they had done. And that’s why we started the new movement.

There’s also been a clear tendency of becoming too attached to the messenger, or messengers, and therefore not being open to another messenger. But on the other hand, it isn’t necessary that progressive revelation continues in one organization and sometimes it can actually be beneficial that there is a, sort of, clear ending to a particular dispensation  so that people know what this organization stands for, they can find that teaching, they can make use of it. And then when they are ready for it, they can step up to another teaching.

In terms of discrepancies, well, one example of a discrepancy is the chart of the I AM movement, which doesn’t have a Christ Self. Whereas the chart of the Summit Lighthouse has the Christ Self as an intermediary between the I AM Presence and you. In this organization, we no longer have a chart. That’s because we do not want people’s attention to go so much out to these outer images. That’s why we don’t encourage the use of pictures in this organization, because no picture can really represent an ascended master. And if you focus your attention too much on a picture, well, you might become attached to that and you might not see beyond it and connect to our presence.

Naturally, you can also look at differences in the focus on the decrees and the decrees that were given. You can see that in this dispensation we have less focus on decrees and more focus on the invocations that jolt something in the psychology of the person giving it, or in the collective consciousness, instead of just invoking the energy. The reason why we can do that in this dispensation is in large part because the previous dispensations gave so many decrees, invoked so much violet flame, invoked so much light, that we can now step up to this next level of focusing more on resolving the beliefs that keep people trapped, not just invoking energy.


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