The difference between the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence

TOPICS: Your spiritual individuality – your God flame has a crystalline structure – forgetting your spiritual origin – the role of the Christ self – direct communion with your I AM Presence – being the Presence – oneness higher than communion –

Question: When working on inner vision/communion, how does one know the difference between the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence? I understand that the Christ Self is the mediator between our lower self and our I AM Presence. Some refer to the Christ Self as the higher self. Is this correct, and if so, what would we call the I AM Presence, the God-self? Would you please give me a greater understanding of these two terms/concepts?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It would be correct to call your Christ self for the higher self and your I AM Presence for the God self or the spiritual self.

When your spiritual parents created your lifestream, they created your I AM Presence. This is the part of you that anchors the unique individuality with which you were endowed by your spiritual parents. It is called the I AM Presence because it anchors your individuality and makes you who you are.

Your I AM Presence can be viewed as a spiritual flame, but it is more like an electronic fire than a normal fire. Your God flame has a unique structure that is similar to a crystal, only it is not made from matter but from vibrating, pulsating energy. When the pure light of God shines through the crystalline structure of your God flame, it is shaped and colored by your unique individuality. This does not degrade the light of God; it simply individualizes that light.

Your I AM Presence is constantly anchored in the higher levels of the spiritual realm. From the level of your I AM Presence, you can experience the lower realms, including the material world, as an outside observer. However, most lifestreams created by God are not content to simply observe life from the outside. They want to experience life from the inside as well. In fact, that is why the Creator created individualizations of itself. God wants to experience its creation from the inside, God wants to take part in its creation and expanded it from the inside. God does so through its sons and daughters.

At some point, your I AM Presence decided that it wanted to descend into a lower level of God’s creation and experience life at that level. To do this, the Presence created an extension of itself, which is what we call the Conscious You. The Conscious You then created what many people call the soul, but which I prefer to call the 4-fold vehicle or soul vehicle. It is this vehicle that allows the Conscious You to interact with the physical body.

Many lifestreams descended to the lower spiritual realms and still abide there. However, a number of courageous lifestreams decided to descend into the lowest realm created by God, namely the material universe. When you enter the material realm, you enter a realm of lower vibrations than the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm it is easy to see that everything originated from a higher reality. Because the material realm is the latest part of God’s creation, it has not yet been raised to a level of vibration where is possible to see material energy as an extension of God. Therefore, when the lifestream descends into the material realm, it runs the risk of forgetting it spiritual origin.

A lifestream in the material realm can remember it spiritual origin only through a direct inner experience, because there is little in the outside world that reminds the lifestream of the spiritual reality behind material appearances. This experience can happen only when the Conscious You steps outside the 4-fold vehicle and directly experiences itself as pure awareness, thus realizing you are not the lower vehicle.

As explain throughout this website, many lifestreams did indeed descend into a lower state of consciousness in which they have forgotten their spiritual origin. To prevent these lifestreams from becoming lost, the ascended masters have sent each lifestream a mediator, a teacher, a comforter, namely the Christ self. Your Christ self can be seen as an angel who is assigned to help you regain your conscious contact with your I AM Presence. In other words, your Christ self was not originally part of your lifestream. It is a helper that comes to you from outside yourself, and this being has a personality and individuality that is different from the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. Obviously, your Christ self is compatible with your individuality, but it is not identical with it.

When you begin to attain inner communion, you will first attain communion with your Christ self. In the beginning, you will experience this in the form of intuitive insights. This will often come as a sense that something you read in a book is correct and applies to you. As your communion becomes clearer, you will eventually hear or sense the still small voice of your Christ self within your heart. This is not a physical voice, an audible voice, but an inner voice. Yet you will still recognize it as a voice that speaks to you from somewhere outside your conscious mind.

As you grow on the spiritual path, you can go through the process of the alchemical marriage, whereby you attain spiritual union with your Christ self. Yet that Christ self is still separate from you, just as your marriage partner is different from yourself even though you can attain a great sense of union with your spouse.

You Christ self can give you directions from itself, or it can pass on directions from your I AM Presence. One might say that your Christ self acts as a translator for the directions from your Presence that your outer mind cannot hear or understand directly. So as you sharpen your attunement, you might be able to identify a direction from your Christ self and a direction from your Presence. This can give you the sense that you are hearing the voice of your Presence.

As you move to higher levels of the path, you can eventually attain direct communion with your I AM Presence. Many people have attained some communion with the Presence, but most people fail to recognize it for what it is. One reason is that it is easy to identify the voice of your Christ self because it comes to you as a voice from outside yourself. Communion with your I AM Presence is not a voice speaking to you from outside yourself. The reason being that your I AM Presence is not outside of or different from yourself. It is yourself. It is your Self.

One might say that you cannot receive communication directly from your I AM Presence because communication implies distance. To make contact with the Presence, you must surrender and overcome the mortal sense of identity. You give up the outer personality that has been created during your many embodiments in the material universe. You overcome the sense of separation so that you begin to identify with the Presence. Therefore, your Presence can now act through you. You are literally being the Presence in action in this world. Therefore, you can say, as I did, “I and my Father are one.” When you achieve this oneness, you are not technically communicating with the Presence—you are being the Presence.

One might say that when your Christ self gives you a direction, you experience it as coming from an outside source. You therefore have a decision to make as to whether you will heed the voice. The impulses from your I AM Presence do not come from an outside source, and therefore there is no room to make a decision. One might say that while there is a space between you and your Christ self, there is no space between you and your I AM Presence. You cannot decide to follow the voice of your I AM Presence, you can either be or not be your I AM Presence in action. To be the Presence in action, you must surrender the will of the ego and outer personality to the higher will of your God self. You must decide to be who you really are instead of who your outer mind thinks you are.

I realize this is difficult to understand intellectually, and the reason is that the intellect always thinks in linear terms. Therefore, it wants to see a separation or distance between your lifestream and your I AM Presence. As long as you think in linear terms and think in terms of separation, you will find it difficulty to commune with your I AM Presence. You need to think in different terms and see that your lifestream is not somehow separated spatially from your Presence. Your lifestream is more like a wave which is not separated from the ocean but is simply a manifestation of the ocean.


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