The desire to be special 

Question: Is the desiring to be special a perversion related to the unique individuality facet of each spark of us? In other words, has that quality been inverted into a desire to be special?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

You can say that the unique individuality can be perverted as the desire to be special. But this is something that happens as a result of the manipulation of the fallen beings. The fallen beings, of course, have fallen, which means they have blocked their unique spiritual individuality. They cannot access their I AM Presence. They are the ones who desire to be special in this world, and they are doing everything they can to set themselves up in this position where they are special as seen by other people.

In order to do this, they of course, have to put everybody else down. The fallen beings are in duality. In duality, everything is relative. You can only be special in relation to others who are not as special as you are.

This is not the case for your unique spiritual individuality. It is unique, so you are not special in relation to others. You are special in relation to your I AM Presence. It is your I AM Presence that makes you special. There is no need to compare yourself to others when you are not in duality. Once the fallen beings manifest or manipulate you into going into duality, then you also cannot see clearly your spiritual identity, you cannot be content with your uniqueness, and therefore, some people go into seeking to be special in this world.

This can especially happen for avatars because avatars come to earth being more spiritually evolved than many of the original inhabitants of earth, so many avatars come to earth with a sense that they are not like most human beings, they are different, perhaps they are more advanced, they are special compared to them.

This is what the fallen beings are very skilled at taking advantage of, to get avatars to go into this sense of spiritual pride, where they are so intent on being special that they actually pervert it and therefore, they go on the false path. They go on the left-handed path, which is where you seek to use your psychic abilities to produce certain phenomena that make you seem special on earth.

There are, of course, also fallen beings who find a spiritual path. What you see is that there can be, in some spiritual movements, there can be a certain group of people who are a mixture of fallen beings and avatars. But they all have this desire to be special, and they are sometimes reinforcing each other in that dynamic.

There are certain gurus, and I will not mention particular names, but there are certain gurus who set themselves up as being very special. They attract to them a group of people who feel special because they are following this special guru. And this causes both the guru and followers to create this self-reinforcing spiral, where they become more and more trapped in spiritual pride.

This has even happened to ascended master organizations after we no longer had a sponsored messenger for that organization and therefore could not give direct dictations. And our organization can quickly be taken over by people who have this desire to be special, and therefore want to set themselves up as the leaders who cannot be gainsaid by the members.

You can see how this can cause certain students to actually reject an ascended master teaching, or suddenly decide that now the messenger is no longer a legitimate messenger because they are so superior that they can tell what the ascended masters should or should not say, will or will not say, who the real masters are and who are not. You can see how a group of people can then go into this spiral of spiritual pride that you cannot help them out of because they are not willing to see it. And therefore, they must simply be allowed to outlive it until they have had enough of that experience, and they realize it is not getting them where they want to go.

Naturally, we of the ascended masters have no condemnation or judgment of people who do this. We simply realize that when people react this way, we cannot help them, and therefore, we must let them run their course until they decide to come back to the ascended masters. In which case we, of course, welcome them back and seek to help them as best we can.


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