The decrees given in the past

TOPICS: Progressive revelation is progressive – tools for different levels of consciousness – use what we are giving now – enthusiasm can be taken too far – one technique will not work for everyone – follow your inner guidance –

Question: For protection decrees…why are you not referring people back to the decrees given by Archangel Michael in the past?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The main reason is that progressive revelation is progressive. The tools and teachings we gave in the past were given for a certain level of consciousness. The tools and teachings we give today are given for a higher level of consciousness.

This does in no way invalidate what was given in the past. There are people who are still at that level of consciousness, and they can benefit from using those tools and teachings. Yet consider the ancient truth: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Since this website has appeared to you, does it not show you that you must be ready for it? Thus, use our current decree to Archangel Michael instead of what was given in the past.

While the technique of decreeing can be very effective, it is only effective if a lifestream is ready for this technique. The purpose for our websites is to increase people’s awareness of the path to personal Christhood. Our desire is to present this path in universal terms. We are not trying to promote one particular organization, philosophy, religion or spiritual technique as the only or best tool for attaining Christhood.

I fully understand that when a person finds an organization or spiritual technique that works for him or her, that person can become very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, many people take this enthusiasm a bit too far by believing that the technique or philosophy that works so well for them will work equally well for anybody else. It is understandable that people have this belief, and I do not desire to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

However, we of the ascended masters cannot afford to assume that one philosophy, one religion or one spiritual technique will work for everyone. Our task is to attempt to bring every lifestream home. The people on planet earth are in so many different states of consciousness that it simply isn’t possible to find one technique or philosophy that works for everyone.

I am fully aware that this website cannot reach everyone either. Obviously, many people will not be open to the teachings presented on this website or to the idea that a person can bring forth teachings from spiritual beings. Nevertheless, I know that millions of people are prepared at inner levels to manifest a high degree of personal Christhood.

I hope to reach many of these people and make them consciously acknowledge their spiritual potential. It is not my goal to see them join any particular organization or use any particular spiritual technique. If a person diligently pursues the path to personal Christhood and sharpens his or her intuition, the person’s Christ Self will reveal which spiritual technique is most effective for taking the next step on the path.


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