The dangers of channeling beings in the mental realm

TOPICS: Masters seek to help all beings – first step is admitting the need for change – beings who need energy from humans – ascended masters need no energy from humans – limitations of mental faculties – cannot know ultimate truth through mental faculties – complexity is not sophistication – intellectual pride – creates a wall around your mind – the intellect can prove anything – some think complex messages are more spiritual – becoming as little children – spiritual truth is rather simple – the ignorance of knowing too much – wisdom beyond intellect –

Question: Dear Jesus, I was contemplating the whole ascension business, and find it particularly interesting that you say that many beings who are being channeled (such as Ashtar) still reside within the material realm and are not ascended. Are these beings aware that they are not ascended, or do the ascended masters try to enlighten them too as they do with us? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The ascended masters work with all beings at any level, even the deepest levels of the emotional realm, which is what many people have seen in visions as various levels of Hell. You might recall that I descended to Hell in an attempt to awaken the lifestreams stuck at that level of consciousness. Unfortunately, many beings are difficult to work with, and the underlying cause is always that they are not willing to admit that they need to change. And the first step toward growth is always the admission that there is something you don’t yet know.

Many of the beings channeling messages to people on earth reside in the mental realm. Some beings in the mental realm are aware that they are not ascended, and we can and do work with them in a very direct way. Unfortunately, most of the beings who are speaking through channelers are not consciously aware of the fact that they are not ascended. In fact, they often think they are so advanced that they reside in the highest levels of heaven.

You might consider why such beings seek to speak to human beings. The simple answer is that they need people to give them energy through their attention. The beings in the mental realm would have no need to receive energy from human beings if they were willing to work with us. But if they are not, they cannot receive energy from Above, and thus they must seek to get it from below.

Once you are ascended, you have no need to get energy from human beings because you have become a completely self-sufficient spiritual being. You need no energy from outside yourself. So I am not using this website to get anything from people; I am seeking to give to those who are willing to receive. This is the principle of hierarchy, where those above serve those below in a selfless manner. We realize that we are the servants of all. We give to those below us what we have freely received from those above us in hierarchy.

If you read my discourse on the levels of the material universe, you will see that the mental realm is designed as one level of the process of co-creation that begins in the spiritual realm. It is meant to take the greater vision from the etheric realm and make it more concrete through the intellect and the faculties of reasoning and logic. These are important and capable faculties, but as all human faculties, they do have their limitations. You simply cannot know ultimate truth through the mental faculties, because they are meant to “translate” the higher truth from the spiritual realm. So you can know ultimate truth only by going beyond these faculties, which is what is known as a mystical or intuitive experience, sometimes called “gnosis.”

When there is no connection to the spiritual realm, the mental faculties easily become unbalanced—as you see in many areas of science where there is no longer a moral compass, giving rise to the mad scientist syndrome. Many beings, including many people on earth, have not understood this essential truth. Instead, they think they can actually know ultimate truth through the intellect, and thereby the mental faculties become an end in themselves and a law unto themselves—instead of a means to the end of manifesting God’s kingdom on earth. This leads lifestreams to create very sophisticated philosophies about life, and because they are so brilliantly reasoned and logical, they think their philosophies represent ultimate truth and give the final explanation of the mysteries of life.

The more developed the intellect, the more complex the philosophy it is able to create, and unfortunately this complexity is often seen – by the lifestream itself and by its followers – as sophistication. This easily gives rise to a special version of pride, which we might call intellectual or spiritual pride. These beings are completely convinced that they understand everything. And if you are not open to the possibility that there is something you do not know, how can you grow from your present level of awareness?

There are many such lifestreams in the mental realm, but there are also many people on earth who are stuck in intellectual pride. You can especially find them in the halls of science and in many schools of theology from almost every religion. These people truly believe they have it all figured out with the intellect, and it is very difficult to convince them otherwise. This is especially true for those who have gathered a following to affirm their inflated self-image. This goes for many people on earth and for some beings in the mental realm speaking through channelers. I wish I knew a way to convince such beings, but unfortunately my intellect is not sophisticated enough to impress these lifestreams.

Humor aside, it is true that once a lifestream has created thick enough walls of intellectual reasoning, it is almost impossible to reach through them. The reason being that they have created a world view where they think they can explain everything. And because the intellect is a relative faculty, it does seem that way when you look at the world from inside their mental box. Once a lifestream is trapped in such a box, you simply have to wait until the lifestream eventually backs itself into a corner and finally realizes that there is something which the intellect cannot explain. Because of the inherent limitations in the mental faculties, this will inevitably happen, although some lifestreams can postpone the moment of truth for a long time.

Once a lifestream has become unbalanced intellectually, it tends to equate complexity with sophistication. That is why some beings channel very complex messages and why some followers of these channelings think that the more complex the message, the higher the truth described and the more spiritually advanced the being channeling the message. This is a dangerous illusion, but once people are caught, it is very difficult to reach them with the – in reality very simple – truth about how to ascend. Remember my statement:

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3)

This statement was meant to illustrate that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven through the intellect, as the scribes, Pharisees and lawyers believed. It is not nearly as difficult to ascend as some people think. So it is not necessary to have the most complex and intellectually sophisticated teaching in order to ascend.

That is why we are trying to give an “unsophisticated” teaching on this website. We are not trying to complicate matters, but to make our teachings easy to follow. You truly do not need to know everything in order to ascend. In fact ignorance is not simply the absence of knowledge. There is a form of ignorance where people have a lot of knowledge, but they do not have the wisdom to sort out what is useful knowledge and what is simply intellectual fluff. That is why the Bible says:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (Proverbs 4:7)

Wisdom reaches beyond the mental faculties, which those who are trapped by the intellect fail to understand. This is especially true for those who have gathered a following, such as beings channeling intellectually sophisticated messages to people on earth. So in a very real sense, the followers on earth are helping to keep the channeling beings in a state of illusion. And, of course, the mental beings are helping keep the followers on earth in a state of illusion, often making them believe they belong to a sophisticated elite because they are willing to study the channeled messages. Thus, such people receive pride from above instead of the love of the ascended masters, which they could receive if they were willing to reach beyond the mental realm.

Only the power and love of the Holy Spirit has a chance of breaking through people’s mental boxes, but this can only happen if people are willing to reach for a higher reality than the one created by the intellect. No force in heaven goes against people’s free will, and that is why the ascended masters have limited options for reaching those trapped by the sophistication of the intellect.


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