The current situation of Korea

Question: This is a question from the Korean team, first of all we want to express many thanks to Kim and the students who have given invocations for Korea for the past several months. Of course thank you to the Ascended Masters. Lately there’s been some good progress between North and South Korea and a good relationship starting between the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the United States Mr. Trump. How do you see the current situation in progress and as ascended master students what should we keep in mind to hold the spiritual balance for the whole of Korea?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Well, my beloved we also wish to express our thanks to the many students both inside and outside of Korea who have given these calls. As we have said before, you can provide that trigger that makes a situation that could go in different directions, go in the most positive direction.

Yet we are only cautiously optimistic because there are of course questions about the current situation and the main question here is how sincere Kim Jong Un is about bringing changes in North Korea.

Another big question is how sincere Donald Trump is or whether he is out to promote himself as a world leader or whether he is really open to producing a result that is right for the Korean people.

A third question of course is how China will react to the situation and whether they will be willing to lose influence in order to give the two Koreas more freedom to work things out. So the basic question to keep in mind as ascended master students and to make calls for, is that Korea does not become a substitute battleground in the competition between the super powers including Russia and to some degree Japan even though it may not be considered a super power.

So the ideal scenario to make calls on is that the future of Korea is decided by the Koreans, not only by the governments but also by the people. Now in a certain sense of course, the future of Korea will be decided by the collective consciousness of both North and South.

But nevertheless we would like to see that not only the leaders but the people are the ones who are responsible for what happens, with as little interference as possible from outside powers.


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