The current situation in Kazakhstan

Question: This question is about the current situation in Kazakhstan. We, the spiritual people in Kazakhstan, were very happy when Nazarbayev, himself decided to resign from the post of president. However, all his subsequent actions demonstrated how much he is obsessed with his power, the cult of his own personality, and the fear of losing his power and the influence of his family. He created a new position, “Leader of the Nation”, which is higher than the post of president. He allowed the capital to be renamed after his own name against the wishes of the people of Kazakhstan. The acting president, a puppet of Nazarbayev announced early elections in Kazakhstan, thus depriving other parties the opportunity to prepare for the elections, except the Nazarbayev party. This party is likely to nominate Nazarbayev’s daughter as a candidate for the presidency. The question is, will Kazakhstan be able to avoid this scenario, so that power will not remain in a family and in such a corrupt government? And is the leader of the main opposition party, the democratic choice of Kazakhstan, a worthy replacement for Nazarbayev’s presidency, and for the current government?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

As we have already commented on, it is a step in the right direction that President Nazarbayev has decided to step down. Now, it’s clear that he has remained in the post he has been in for as long as he has, because he has certain issues of a psychological nature, as you correctly stated, the desire to create a certain personality cult around him.

Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction. It’s clear that this does not mean that he will give up all power immediately, but it does mean that a movement has started that will move Kazakhstan in the right direction. It is also clear that this has happened, partly as a result of the many invocations that people in Kazakhstan have been giving, and, of course, the conferences that you have held in Kazakhstan, where we have released light.

And so, you should be encouraged by what has happened, but you should also take a longer view and not expect immediate and dramatic changes. It’s perfectly true that those who are in power, will seek to hold-on to power. But it is also clear that there is an opening in the Kazakh government, otherwise, this would not have happened in the first place, because most people expected Nazarbayev to remain in power for life. It isn’t in the short term, so important who is nominated for president of which party wins the election, because whoever gets power, in the short term, will find it difficult to hold on to that power.

It’s simply a matter of what does it take for the leaders of the Kazakh government to truly let go of power, even the family of Nazarbayev to give up their desire or their claim for power, so that there can be a truly democratic election, and a new democratically elected government. You have already created a situation with your calls that will expose these attempts to hold on to power. You will see that if, for example, the daughter of the president is elected, there will be clear weaknesses in her ability to exercise power. This will expose the need for further reforms. So in the long term, it will move Kazakhstan in the right direction. The details are not as important as the fact that the nation is moving in the direction of becoming a free democratic nation.


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