The consciousness of hell

TOPICS: People do create their own hell – if you can see this, you have some spiritual maturity – many people trapped on merry-go-round – only solution is Christ consciousness – paradise is a state of consciousness –

Question: hi. i dont know who or what you are, but from your teachings on your website you clearly have a strong understanding of this place. but there is one thing i must disagree with. You say that Hell does not exist…i say that it is here, right here, where i am living. 

We have built brick prisons around ourselves. We are fearful of our neighbours. It is virtually impossible to get a smile on the street. The food that the Lord God has given us is plucked from his earth, coated in plastic and priced. So we have to work 5 out of 7 days a week for men possesed by evil and greed who do not have our best interests at heart. 5 out of 7 days is a lot. And all we get is two days to do the shopping, catch our breathe, rest and then go back to work.
Maybe i am wrong but my parents are living in hell. They are silent, they watch the tv, they eat, they work. Virtually the entire human race is blundering around silently performing the will of evil.
The bible talks of the ‘fires of hell’. What is electricity??? as you described nuclear reactions are caused by energy with such low vibrations that it eventually explodes (or something sorry i am no scientist), these explosions are carried as electricity to the brick prisons of everybody i know. The electricity that reaches them and keeps them warm makes them fearful of cold. Without warmth there is not cold, and fire is the epithany of greed and gluttony towards warmth, especially if you look at the amount of energy created in these power plants.
I think it all goes back to the garden of Eden, i will not bore you with my theories on how the existance came to be, but yeah. After God created Man in his own image. He knew that it was only fair that Man should be allowed to know as he does, both good and evil. Where previously Man had known only good, man chose to bite the apple of knowledge of good and evil (whether metaphorically or actually) and God simply said ‘you want to know evil eh????? WELL I WILL SHOW YOU EVIL’
Of course as God is just, there is an opportunity for good along with every opportunity for evil, but Man repeatedly gave in to the latter.
I mean think about it, you are born and you cry. Because you want, the animals and the plants do not cry at birth, because they are in perfect balance, they live constantly fulfilling their desires whilst feeling good about it the whole time. Whereas Man is given the ‘concsiousness of christ’ as you described it, free will, we can choose to torment ourselves eternally if we wish.
There is a lot more i could say to prove that earth (well at least western society) is Hell. But believe me i am right.
The only question is, how can we stop this. Even the men and women who follow gods law to the end are suffering. They live in brick prisons where they have hypnotic images flashed at them non-stop through the TV, internet and video games. They (along with everybody else) are being trained for evil from birth. I mean think about it, SWEETS ARE AIMED AT CHILDREN (making them addicted to the taste and makes gods green foods of wisdom taste poor) TOM AND JERRY (where the cat is trying to eat the mouse as is gods way, but the mouse tortures the cat) LITTLE GIRLS MAGAZINES WITH CUTE GIRLS AND FREE GIFTS ON THE FRONT AND PAGE AFTER PAGE OF ‘FASHION’ and ‘CELEBRITIES’ IN BRIGHT PINK WRITING (making girls only care about their image, and make them want to wear these clothes they are seeing and be more beautiful than everyone else, do they not understand that to make themselves more beautiful is to make someone else uglier?) I have seen a magazine as described above, produced by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), and since we BY LAW HAVE send our children to school where they will be compared with other children and they will be tormented if they do not have T.V., then we are under immense pressure to buy a T.V. and pay for our T.V. license, thus funding the BBC, who flood our homes with pure evil.
When we reach leave the torment of school, we are put under pressure to go to college or get a job, where we are put under pressure from our tutors or our employers to do this, do that if we want money (which we need to live in todays world). Surely, surely, surely, this is torment, this is pain, this is greed, this is gluttony, this is lust (pumped into our houses through the tv and internet) this is pride (science and technology are pride, although every day the sun rises, the water cycle continues, the food grows, the birds sing beautiful music, we have no faith in god and find it neccesary to look closesly at things and try with our limited understanding to make them better, but we have simply destroyed EVERYTHING that was once good in this physical world). This is anger, we have created things from metal that fire teeny little bits of metal at thousands of miles per hour, designed simply to kill. Everytime we buy something, 17.5% of the money we spend goes to the govenment (as well as all the other taxes) and they use the greed of Man to make them build these weapons for money, and then for money they will build great airplanes and ships, and then for money they will get into these ships, travel to the holiest places on earth, and kill. And, this is sloth: there is very little faith in the world, not even in religious folk, no-one understands. Since Adam, we have reproduced ourselves so much that we are not in touch with creation, only with the plastic hell we have created for ourselves.
The solution i can see is Eden, the bible even tells us where this place is (between four rives in ethiopia or something). One day i will start a settlement there, free from the torments of hell. From here i will show the rest of the world through their media that life does not have to be torment, we need to learn from the earth that we do not need to constantly drive ourselves into slavery to be happy. We do not need to multiply to the extent that we are. And happiness can exist. It is on this day that judgement day will come. Each man and woman will have to make their decision, and heaven and Hell will exist.
Of course the above paragraph is merely my dreams and ambitions, what i hope to achieve. I cannot say for sure what will happen. As an 18 year old drug addict living in the pits of hell (Middlesbrough), i will probably just burn with the rest, i dont know.
Anyways, sorry to waste so much of your time…
please please please please please please contact me with your thoughts, am i delusional, or when i see people lining up for christmas shopping is it really a prison que, of people waiting to trade their slave tokens for material possesions to give to others in the name of god.
Please help the sons of Adam, the children of god, please.
I have much more information which i think may have been given to me by god. (i have been an atheist all my life, i am not religious freak, i just think, it is all i do.) What are we going to do?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I did not actually say that hell doesn’t exist. I said that hell is more than anything and state of consciousness. I have also explained throughout this website that human beings are designed to be co-creators with God and that they create their own reality through their state of consciousness. Therefore, I agree with your observation that many people on this earth have created their own hell and are living that hell every day.

The real interesting question here is why you have come to the realization of this fact? There can be only one reason, namely that your lifestream has reached a certain spiritual maturity and that you came into this particular lifetime with a specific mission to show and demonstrate to people that there is an alternative to the lifestyle that springs from the consciousness of hell.

When you step back from the issue of your immediate surroundings, you will see that the consciousness of hell is in essence a state of consciousness that keeps people trapped at a particular level of God’s creation, and therefore prevents them from moving on in the ever-expanding consciousness of God. As you point out, many people on this planet are trapped in an endless pursuit of material possessions or material pleasures that keep them on a merry-go-round and prevent them from pursuing a spiritual way of life.

You are asking what people can do to change that situation. There is only one solution, and that is the Christ consciousness. As I explain throughout this website, the current state of affairs on planet earth is an expression of the dualistic mind, and the only way to change the current conditions is that a critical mass of people manifest personal Christhood. You have the potential to manifest that Christhood, so I suggest that if you really want to see things change, you should get busy. Seek first the kingdom of heaven, meaning the Christ consciousness. When you begin to attain that Christ consciousness, all of the directions that you need concerning your personal mission will be added unto you.

Let me state very clearly that your idea of going to a particular physical location and building an ideal society in the material world is not the highest possible solution. Paradise did not exist in a particular physical location, no matter what the Bible says about it. Paradise existed in a higher realm, as I explain elsewhere. However, in essence Paradise is a state of consciousness. It is possible to create an edenic state here on earth, and this is what I often referred to as the kingdom of heaven. Yet the key to manifesting that paradise on earth is that a critical mass of people attain Christ consciousness.

Let me also make it very clear that experimenting with any kind of drugs will not help you manifest your spiritual mission. On the contrary, it can very quickly destroy that spiritual mission, therefore I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU STOP USING DRUGS NOW!

With your insights, it should not be difficult to see that a drug is a material substance and therefore it can only bind you even more firmly to the material realm. Obviously your lifestream did not come into this embodiment to be a drug addict or to be addicted to some of the other material things or activities that you so clearly see other people are addicted to.

Therefore, leave this behind immediately and focus all your energy and attention on manifesting your Christhood. We have given you a very useful and very effective set of tools on our Toolbox website. Use them and become one of my spiritual warriors and help me change this planet.


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