The Conscious You and the second death

Question: In the teachings about the second death it is said that the Conscious You in the case of the second death is completely absorbed by the I Am Presence as if it never existed. In the book ‘My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus’ it is said that Lucifer’s Conscious You has been dissolved in the sacred fire. How are these concepts similar or different? In general, how can the Conscious You be destroyed?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

It is largely a matter of how words are used and there is no basic incompatibility with it. The simple fact is that you can describe it in either way- is the Conscious You dissolved or is it absorbed by the I Am Presence. For some, especially fallen beings that have a very long history, the Conscious You can be so entrenched or imprisoned by outer selves that it actually needs to go into the sacred fire to have those selves destroyed by the fire, consumed by the fire and then it is free to be absorbed back into the Presence.

So you might say that the book has a slightly inaccurate wording. Then again, it is a matter of how specific you want to be about the use of words. I would say in general that there comes a point on the path where you are no longer so focused on these kinds of questions, where you are using the linear mind to look at the words and look very carefully at how is this said there, how is that said there, is it incompatible or not incompatible; you are more focused on looking beyond the words and therefore you see or you experience something beyond the words.

It is the same as if you take the four gospels of the New Testament and find incompatibilities there. You could focus on them or you could as some people have done, focus on the deeper meaning and therefore receive some experience from within. You could also look at previous Ascended Master teachings and at the level of words you can find incompatibilities between this teaching and that teaching or even inconsistencies within a specific teaching. The question is really “where are you focusing your awareness” are you trying to use the analytical linear mind to walk the spiritual path or does there come a point where you see the limitations of that mind and you are willing to go beyond and have an intuitive experience rather than the intellectual understanding.


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