The connection to the collective consciousness of the country of birth  

Question: If a lifestream is born in a country, then moves to a vastly different country, can there still be a pull on the consciousness from the original country that the lifestream was born in − even if the lifestream may no longer identify with the culture and practices of its country, nor feel the need to go back to the original country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, of course there can be a pull, and in most cases there will be a pull, and it actually goes in both directions. If you have grown up in a certain country, and move from there, there will often be a pull on your three higher bodies, based on the collective consciousness in your country, especially if you still have family there.

But there will also be you − being able to pull on the collective consciousness of your country. This means that if you do move to a different country, if you embrace that new country and a new culture, you can have a positive influence on pulling on your old country, your birth country, pulling the collective consciousness up there.

This is one of the reasons behind many people immigrating from a certain less developed country to a more developed country. By embracing the culture of the more developed country they can have a positive pull on the collective consciousness in their birth country.

Naturally, it is important when you move to a different country that you accept the country and the culture you have moved into. You don’t necessarily need to emulate it completely, but you need to adapt to it and have a positive attitude towards it. This makes it much easier for you to fit into the new country. It is also important that you examine whether you have any attachments to your old country. But it is also important to go beyond this and see what is the mindset in your old country compared to the new one, and then see which aspects of the old mindset that you want to let go of, in order to better embrace life in the new country.

There is an old statement by the Buddha that moving to a new country is accomplishing half the Dharma, this of course is only true if you embrace moving and if you let go of the old. But it is very true that for many people the Dharma of their spiritual growth is limited by the culture and mindset − the collective consciousness − of their birth country. And therefore it can be helpful for them to move to a different country, which gives them an opportunity to let go of the old mindset and therefore make decisive progress.

This messenger gained tremendous growth from moving to America from Denmark, because it gave him a different perspective on the mindset of Denmark, and he learned many, many things from this. He also gained tremendously from moving to Estonia and seeing how a former country from the Soviet Union was doing and how the consciousness was there. And then he gained tremendous growth to moving back to Denmark, getting a chance to re-evaluate and resolve some of the things he had not resolved, while being outside the country.

It can be healthy. I’m not saying thereby that all spiritual people should move from country to country. But nevertheless, it can certainly be helpful to free yourself from the collective mindset of the country in which you grew up, and the limitations this has imposed on the way you look at life, and also the way you look at yourself and your spiritual potential.


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