The conflict between black and white, the Civil War, Anarchy

Question: There are a lot of African American men who are being killed in various ways, primarily by police. Then we have the church incident, and it’s happening all over the country. Because many of us work in the prison and jail system, we’re hearing a rumbling of “We’re gonna shoot back now.” And if African American men and gangs and other kinds of organizations begin to shoot back, it can beanarchy in this country. It can be really, really bad. I want to know what can be done from a spiritual level. As you said, sometimes a specific issue is not the issue to deal with, but this one is so critical because young people now are even saying, “If there’s another riot, we’re not gonna burn down the community. We’re gonna shoot people like we’re being shot.” Most people don’t realize that because they’re isolated from it, but I hear it every day. I’ve never heard anything like that in the 35 years I’ve been working in the jail system, and so I’m asking what can we do as a spiritual community to help?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during a conference in Los Angeles. It was given after a dictation by Saint Germain.

There are, of course, many things that need to be done at many different levels on this issue and many other issues. This conflict you are pointing out is not the only one. You have the same with gangs, you have the same with the drug war, you have the same in other areas. You have conflicts with Hispanics and others. But this boils down basically to intolerance. There is intolerance against black men, but there is also intolerance in the black community where they are becoming intolerant towards whites. What they are essentially doing to whites is what has been done to them.

This is not the way to transcend the conflict. You, who are the spiritual people, can make the calls on this intolerance, you can hold the vision, you can speak out where possible and make them realize that this is not the way to stop conflict. It is only the way to escalate conflict.

You can, of course, also make the calls for the stopping of these spirals of anarchy that are brewing in the country. It is clear that what you see – not only with what you are talking about, but even the random shootings around America – is a growing anger. I do not consider that the biggest problem in America, but it is certainly a problem to make calls on. There is a growing anger, and this is again the second law of thermodynamics.

The issue here that you are talking about may seem to be an issue between white and black, but it is not. It is actually the fact that the power elite that runs America has built up the American military apparatus to a point where they believe that they can use it to project power anywhere in the world at their bidding. They think they can sacrifice young American men and women in these meaningless wars for domination and control.

It is the unwillingness of America, and those who run America, to transition from the dualistic mindset of the Cold War into a non-dualistic mindset of the Golden Age. This unwillingness to transition then activates the force behind the second law of thermodynamics, and this increases chaos, entropy, disorder. It is just a matter of seeing where the conflict is that is likely to be the physical breakthrough point for the spirals of conflicts in the three higher octaves. While this is certainly a problem that affects African Americans, you will make the most efficient impact on this by making calls on the greater problem, the greater spirals in the three higher octaves. Because it is truly not a matter of black and white. It is just one expression of a much greater issue here.

While it is valid to some degree to make calls for the stopping of the spirals of anarchy, it is more important to make calls for the consuming of these spirals of war and the warring mentality that has so gripped America. This warring mentality, of course, goes back to the Revolutionary War, where the matrix was set, and America has not transcended it. The warring mentality was greatly reinforced by the Civil War, and some of the conflicts and atrocities committed against African Americans are simply a carryover from the Civil War, which has never been fully resolved in the American psyche.

There is still a much greater issue with the warring mentality in America where you think that you can solve all problems by using force, by using weapons. This mentality must be transcended, for as I said, you will not enter the Golden Age by using guns or other force-based technology. Because America will not transcend it, there is this bubbling up of conflicts that involve guns. “We will shoot back.” You have to have guns to do so. You have to be willing to use them to kill other human beings, even doing so randomly

Ask yourself this: If African Americans want to shoot back, who are they going to shoot at? If you have a riot where everybody loses control and starts shooting randomly, how can you avoid killing innocent people? Is it not the killing of innocent people that has stirred up the anger in the African American community? How does it make sense that you go out and do to others what has been done to you? How does that solve anything?

It does not solve anything, and that shows you that there are dark forces here who are seeking to accelerate the situation. The most efficient way to deal with this as spiritual people is to make the calls for the binding and consuming of these dark forces, for them to be taken from the earth. You will notice that, with these invocations, we are asking for the judgment, for the binding of the dark forces that work through specific organizations. We are not asking for the consuming or the destruction of these organizations, but for the removal of the dark forces so the people can be free to find a higher way.

You also can hold the vision and make the calls that there will emerge in the African American community another leader of the ability, the spiritual maturity, of Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. They realized the futility of violence and could therefore inspire the African American community with a higher vision that goes beyond violence. Such leaders are in embodiment, but they are not quite ready to step out. But you can make the calls for their protection, for them to be cut free, and for them to be awakened.


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