The concept of the soulless beings

Question: Does everyone in embodiment have a soul? Does everyone have a threefold flame? Would the ascended masters care to give some progressive revelation around the Great Divine Director’s teaching in the Summit about soulless beings?

Answer from the Ascended Master The Great Divine Director through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Again, you need to recognize here that progressive revelation is progressive. This means that if you go back to previous dispensations, what was given at the time, was what could be given at the time given the level of the collective consciousness and how words and spiritual concepts were used and understood. So, what we gave through the Summit Lighthouse was this concept of the soulless beings, the soulless one. This is basically what we today call fallen beings. The reason for this was that at the time of the Summit Lighthouse, the word “soul” was generally (when you look at the planet as a whole) used in an uncritical way. It was believed, even by many teachings in the East that talk about reincarnation, that there is a soul that was created in heaven, that descended into embodiment and it kept incarnating.

So, what was given in the Summit Lighthouse was that fallen beings could come to a point where they no longer had a soul. We also gave many more teachings in the Summit Lighthouse about the threefold flame, where the light, the energy from your I AM Presence descends into the secret chamber of the heart chakra which is behind the heart chakra. It springs out of a white unit of light, it then splits into these three colors, the pink, the blue and the yellow, representing love, wisdom and power. It was said that a fallen being loses its threefold flame. There were also teachings given that there are people who are in a physical body who do not have a threefold flame because they belong to what was called mechanization man. These were people who did not really have a spiritual potential.

Now, today we have as a result of progressive revelation, we have given some teachings that distinguishes “what you really are,” that gives a more nuanced, more profound teaching about what kind of a being you are. In these teachings we have chosen to not really talk about soul anymore. We have said that what actually is created out of the I AM Presence and what descends, is the Conscious You. As the Conscious You prepares to take embodiment in an unascended sphere, it creates an identity body, a mental body and an emotional body. This is what we today have called the soul even though we normally use the terminology, your three higher bodies or your four lower bodies including the physical. This is simply to give you the idea, which is a higher understanding than could be given in the Summit Lighthouse, that there is a part of you that descended and it is that part that will again ascend.

But all of these outer aspects, which we today now call the separate selves cannot ascend. So, what we have given you now is this teaching that you need to let all of these things fall away before you can ascend. As was just said, Jesus said: “If you seek to save your life, you shall lose it.” So, basically you could say that you have to be willing to die for the sake of following Christ, you have to be willing to let your mortal sense of identity die, your outer selves die. This is a teaching that for a variety of reasons we did not feel could be given at the time of the Summit Lighthouse because the collective consciousness was not there, people were not ready for it, even the students were not ready for it.

So, you cannot necessarily as we have talked about before, take one teaching and in a linear mindset transfer it to another teaching. But there is really no contradiction here. What we today call fallen beings is what was previously called fallen angels. We have switched to saying fallen beings because we have now given you the teaching of the spheres, that there were spheres before this one where beings fell. Therefore, you realize that it was not angels in heaven that fell. It was beings in an unascended sphere. Logically, and many students have wondered about this including this messenger, how could an angel fall? How could there be a war in heaven where Archangel Michael would have to fight other angels as it says in the book of Revelation? So, you see here that this is a deeper teaching, but it does not necessarily contradict what was said before, if you realize that the soulless one refers to a fallen being who had lost its threefold flame, its spark of life and therefore could not be considered a normal human being.

You can also say that there were the mechanization men who did not have that threefold flame and therefore did not have the same potential. They could receive a threefold flame, but they did not really have the same potential. This is something we have chosen not to really expound upon in this dispensation, because it is something that some people have used to create a sense of prejudice and discrimination against certain groups of people. We have previously said that many people in the Middle East are these laggard evolutions. Some of them are mechanization men who do not have a threefold flame. But we no longer want to focus on this because we would rather focus on the fact that all people have a potential to transcend themselves.

You could therefore say that as we use the terminology today, all people in embodiment have a soul in terms of they have an emotional, mental and identity body, otherwise you cannot be in embodiment. Even fallen beings have an emotional, mental and identity body or they could not have a physical body, because the physical body is a projection from the three higher bodies, it does not exist independently. You cannot have a physical body that does not have an emotional, mental and identity body, it cannot be done.

You can have a physical body that does not have a Conscious You residing in it, it basically functions to some degree at the level of an animal even though it can have a certain higher programming because of the three higher bodies. This is again a topic that we have chosen to not expound upon in this dispensation for various reasons. First of all, that we want to focus on all people having a potential to transcend themselves, which they do. It isn’t necessarily realistic that all people will do so, but it is more constructive for you to focus on this, focus on your own growth and self-transcendence and pulling up as many people as possible because this is what will change the planet.


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