The concept of the circle of influence

Question: I personally find it motivating to think about the fact that as I have been helped by a lifestream above me, I have the opportunity, through the calls and raising my own consciousness, to help others. Could the masters comment on the circle of influence in more detail? Does everyone have a circle of influence both above them and below them? Or is it possible that only those whose consciousness is above some specific level have a circle of influence below them, but may still have a circle of influence above them? As we rise in consciousness to the Christ consciousness and above, do we join a circle of influence of one of the masters in the ascended realm?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the way we give the concept of a circle of influence is that you have a circle of people that you can influence. This means that these are people whose minds are open to you, so that you can have an influence on these people. It does not mean that an ascended master is in your circle of influence because your mind cannot influence the mind of an ascended master and cannot influence the mind of a human being, either, who is many levels above you. You can have a human being who has a higher level of consciousness than you have. That means you can be in that person’s circle of influence, but it does not mean that that person is in your circle of influence because that person would not be influenced by your state of consciousness, if it is significantly lower than its own.

Now, you can have people who are at a higher level of consciousness than you are in your circle of influence, but not significantly higher. For example, you can have family members that may have a higher level of consciousness than you have, but because they consider you part of the family, they can still be influenced by you. Of course, if their consciousness is higher, there will be a limit to how much they are influenced, but they will be influenced by it.

But, when we use the circle of influence, we primarily mean that all people on earth have, or at least most people on earth have, someone they know who is below them. But we also use it in a broader sense that you may have people that you do not know and have never physically met, or at least have not physically met in this embodiment, who are still tied to you and so, they are in your circle of influence.

Basically, what we can say is that, if you take people who are above a certain level of consciousness, and let us just make it simple and say, people above the 48th level of consciousness who have started to take some responsibility for themselves, you are forerunners for a group of people who are below you in consciousness. You can say that you can put all people into a triangular shape, you can draw a triangle that ends in a single point. You can say that you can put all people in there, in different layers. Then, you can see that at the very top is a single point, which for Planet Earth, is Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the world. Then, when you go down to the physical, physical embodiment, you have all people under that, under Gautama. There may be a few people at the top, and then, there is a layer below them, and a layer below and a layer below.

Now, within this triangle where you have all of humanity, you can draw many individual triangles. You can, for example, go to a certain level, and let us say there are 10 people at that level, and beneath each of these 10 people is a triangle of people. Then, you can go lower, and there maybe thousands of people on that level, but they still have a triangle below them. You could say that the higher you go in this pyramid, the people who are at  those levels of consciousness, they have a greater triangle below them of people that they influence.

This does not mean that you, in all cases, know them, interact with them, or talk with them. It may not be that you are influencing them in an outer conscious way. But they are below you in a certain structure, so that when you raise your consciousness, you pull up on all of them. This is why we have said that they can have a tremendous influence. When you raise your consciousness, you are pulling up on all those people in the structure below you. Thereby, you are pulling up on the collective consciousness. You can, of course, also make calls for these people, for them to be cut free and so forth, but many of you already are making calls on so many issues and so many things that I do not want to overburden you. But if this is something you feel that you want to do, you can certainly do this.

This is what we really mean with the circle of influence. In some cases, you are tied to these people, as I said, not at the physical level in this lifetime, but you may have been tied to them in past lifetimes. Through that physical interaction in past lifetimes, you have created a certain connection or bond with them at the emotional level, at the mental level, at the identity level, perhaps on all three levels. This is how you can influence them. If you have people that you are tied to at the emotional level, then, raising your own emotional body will also pull them up. If it is the mental level, you raising your mental body, will pull them up and so forth.


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