The concept of Sophia 

Question: Who is behind Sophia of the early Christian Gnostics? Behind the cathedral of Saint Sophia in Kiev and Constantinople? Behind the icon painting of Sophia? Behind the sophology of the Russian Silver Age? Does Sophia exist as a spiritual being in the spiritual world? If so, what is its status?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Ukraine Webinar.

Sophia, in the early Gnostic mystics, was a concept. It was not a person, it was not a spiritual being, it was the concept of what we have called the Wisdom of the Mother. In other words, the Feminine Wisdom of how the material universe works and how it was created, and how you can come to a greater awareness of how it works, so that you can improve your physical situation and further your spiritual growth.

Sophia was a concept. It was seen by, at least the two mystics who had fathomed this, as a state of consciousness, as an accumulated state of consciousness throughout the ages of the Wisdom of the Mother. Comparable, in a sense, to what we have said about the Holy Spirit, that it is the accumulated momentum of self-transcendence built over the ages. Later, of course, there were people who could not grasp its concept, who turned it into a being, a painting, who dedicated cathedrals to it, without understanding what it meant, as you see with much of Christianity and many other religions including the Tibetan Buddhism that Gautama just mentioned.


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