The concept of Oneness and duality consciousness

Question: Why is there so much talk about fallen beings? Are we not all one? Why should we divide people and focus on the bad guys, the small power elite if we are all one and all part of God? So they must be us, a part of us, and we are not different from them. That is if we focus on oneness and not on duality. Everything is God, if nothing is outside of God.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, there are many people in the New Age movement who hold these kind of views. And if you go to an overall perspective, yes, then everything is One. But if you recognize free will, then you recognize that self-aware beings with free will have the potential to go into what we have called the duality consciousness or the consciousness of separation. And when you go into this state of consciousness, you cannot experience or accept Oneness. So therefore telling people that: ‘Oh, we are all one and you should just feel oneness’, really doesn’t help people in that state of consciousness.

The other thing is, of course, that the fallen beings are not like everybody else on the planet. This is what we have attempted to describe many times, including in this conference. They are different because they have used their free will to get themselves in a state of consciousness, where they see themselves (as the Great Divine director expressed yesterday), they see themselves as being fundamentally different from other people.

As the Great Divine director said, He’s not saying they are, but that they see themselves that way. And the reason why we give these teachings on the fallen beings is that they have had a tremendous impact on earth. And through their worldview, that they are in a separate category and better than other people and that they have a right to manipulate and override the free will of other people. They have created tremendous amounts of division on Earth, they have created layers of divisions between people. But what they have more than anything attempted to do is to divide people from their I AM Presences, their Higher Selves and the Ascended Realm. And quite frankly, on a planet like earth, you cannot free yourself from this divisive influence, unless you realize that, number one, it is there. You realize where it came from, what is the consciousness behind it.

There are many, many new age people who pick up some kind of idea, that may be a true idea from a certain viewpoint. But they don’t recognize that they are not at the point where they can actually fully accept and implement the concept of oneness. Because they have many divisive beliefs, and energy patterns and momentums from past lives and separate selves in their four lower bodies. So they can create this romantic view that everything is One and all you need to do is focus on Oneness. But what they are actually doing is creating a separate self.

Now in some people, this separate self can become so strong because it was created lifetimes ago, in a different setting, that it can override or suppress some of the other selves. And therefore these people can go around, as you see in some spiritual movements, where you have these people who are very controlled, speak very softly, move in a controlled manner, and always seems to be harmonious and cool, calm and collected. And you see this in many spiritual movements, where people take on this certain outer aura. But what happens to many of these people is that after having done this for a certain time, they experience some kind of burnout.

And you saw, for example, in a previous ascended master dispensation where many people had created an outer self that said that this is how they should walk the path, they should do all of these things that you stopped doing many other things. And it was a strain for them to maintain it. So when the guru became ill, and was no longer there, some of these people flipped, and now suddenly started doing all of the things they had felt they couldn’t do, while they were supposed to be good chelas. And they went into a very hedonistic-almost lifestyle, of doing all the things that they felt they had sacrificed before.

You can also see some people who managed to maintain that overlay for an entire lifetime. But the result is that they don’t grow. Because they are not resolving any of these elements in their subconscious minds, their four lower bodies.

From a certain sense, we can say: ‘Yes, we are all One’. And we have said before that there are some people on the planet, they don’t need to focus on fallen beings, they just need to focus on themselves and their own growth. But there are many, many people, many more people, who can benefit from realizing there is something called fallen beings, and they have a deliberate intent to create division. And only when you see this intent and see how they are trying to create division, can you free yourself from these many, many layers of illusions they have created.

There is, in other words, to use the words I used 2000 years ago, a prince of this world who is seeking with everything he can think of, to keep you in this world. And quite frankly, any idea that’s out there, can be used to keep you in this world, including the idea that we are all One. You can see by just looking at the world and all of the conflict that’s in the world and looking at people in the fanatical mindset, that, from a deeper level, you are all One, but certainly not from a superficial level here on Earth.

If you all One, why is there so much division and conflict? And so what often happens is that people who believe in this, ‘We are all One’, have isolated themselves from the rest of the world. They live in some kind of protected environment where they are never challenged. They don’t go out there and try to talk to somebody who’s in a fanatical mindset, because if they did, they would realize, well, we may be all One, but we certainly don’t experience ourselves as being all One. And why don’t you? Because of all these divisive factors created by the fallen beings. How are you going to overcome the division? Unless you become aware of the cause of the problem? How can you cure pneumonia if you don’t know there are certain bacteria that infect your lungs? Knowledge is power. Ignorance is not bliss, even though some people think it is bliss.


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