The concept of ego, internal spirits and separate selves

Question: Early on we were given the teachings on the ego, later came the teachings on the internal spirits, separate selves and the primal self. My question is: Where does the concept of the ego fit in with those newer teachings or has it now become a less useful or less essential concept? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The teachings are given at different levels so that people who are at different levels of awareness can find something that relates to their present state and the stages they’re going through. So in a sense the ego teachings were given first because they are the broader, more universal teaching. The concept of the ego is quite well known in spiritual literature and alternative psychology, so we gave the teachings on the ego to get you started on the process of looking at yourself.

Then we decided at a certain time to take this to a higher level, not replacing the ego teachings but giving a more specific teaching that the ego is not just some diffuse thing. Often what you see in the literature is that people talk about the effects of the ego but not so much about what the ego is. We decided to give the concept of the internal spirits to show that the ego takes on a life of its own and that it isn’t a unified thing; it consists of all these internal spirits.

In a sense the concept of the internal spirits is also somewhat broad because it applies to many people on earth. The latest thing we have given is the concept of the birth trauma and the separate selves. This is given specifically for avatars but it also applies to the original inhabitants even though they didn’t receive a birth trauma when they first came here, they have received trauma from encountering the fallen beings.

It’s simply that we have attempted to give different levels for people at different levels of awareness. You have to be at a higher level of awareness to be able to really grasp and apply the teachings on the birth trauma and the separate selves.

Essentially you have to be at a certain level of awareness to even be able to accept the My Lives book, which is designed to specifically set the stage for the healing process that helps you overcome the primal self and all of the other selves you created as a reaction to coming to earth or as a reaction to being here. We could, in a sense, say that all of the teachings are still relevant because they’re designed for people at different levels of awareness but the concept of the ego is still relevant in the sense that your primal self and all other separate selves are part of the ego.

You could say, “Is there an ego? Is there a single entity that we can say is the ego?” and you can quite frankly describe that in different ways. You could say that, yes, there is some self that was the first self you created, called the primal self or something else and that’s the essence of the ego.

Or you could say that, no, there isn’t a unified self because they are all separate selves and internal spirits. Some of them are working against each other and therefore you can’t just find one switch and switch it off and be free from ego. You have to work with the different elements of the ego in order to overcome it.

You could even say that when you come as an avatar to earth and you have the desire to change things on earth that is sort of the origin of the ego for an avatar. You’re coming here to change other people and you haven’t fully internalized free will and what it is all about.

That is why, as this messenger has described to you, he realized at a certain point that he was not on earth to change other people; he was on earth to free himself from the desire to change other people. You could say that an avatar brings the seeds, the origin of your ego, with you when you come here whereas the earth inhabitants have developed the ego on this planet. In many cases they had ego before the fallen beings came but the ego then took on a different quality after it encountered the fallen beings.

That’s why you could actually go back historically and say that naturally there was ego on the planet before the fallen beings came but after the fallen beings came, the ego took on a different quality. The fallen beings were the ones who used the duality consciousness, the epic mindset and that has influenced the ego of basically all people on earth.


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