The concept of angels and progressive revelation

Question: What is the difference between working with angels or Ascended Masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

Well my beloved a complex question in the sense that, you will notice that we do not talk very much about angels in this dispensation. There are of course many people in the world who are used to working with angels. Who feel they have attunement with the angels and who are very focused on angels. Basically I would say that if people feel that they have their awareness on angels, they have attunement with angels then they need to continue to pursue that until they feel from within a shift. For those of you who are open to this teaching, I would say that focus on attunement with the ascended masters, you could say that there are some like the archangels who are called archangels but you can also very well see them as ascended masters.

To some degree there is no difference when you reach a certain level in the ascended realm, whether you came from the angelic realm or have ascended from earth or become an ascended master in other ways, you are an ascended master and we see ourselves more and more as ascended masters. So it is an individual matter, it’s really up to you individually. But if you open to these teachings then focus on ascended masters. I will say that there are naturally many people in the world who think they are attuned to angels. But they are not really attuned to beings in the spiritual realm but more in the lower identity realm or the mental realm who are sometimes presenting themselves as angels and so that is something to be aware of.

Truly this is an example to some degree of how we have to adapt our teachings to what people already know. So for a long, long time on this earth there has been the concept of angels whereas for a long time there wasn’t the concept of ascended masters publicly known.

So we have given teachings that also talked about angels especially in previous dispensations. The fact of the matter is that before ascended masters was a publicly known concept, many of the people who had attunement with angels were actually tuned in to what we now call ascended masters. You could say of course that ascended masters is just a name that we are using in this age, so some of what people see as angels are actually ascended masters. But we are all really spiritual beings who have no names, we give you a name because we realise that people, most people need a name. Truly we are not confined by the name, we are not trapped in the name; the name does not define us. We have given teachings where we talked about angels again in order to give people the continuity from what they were used to, for example from Christian teachings. But now we wish to actually take you to a higher level where the distinction is really not made because you see that we are all one in the spiritual realm, so it is not that there is any big difference because there is no contradiction between angels and ascended masters.

You have to be very careful in your mind that you don’t see some kind of distinction that can lead you to think that there is a contradiction or some competition or some conflict between the two. There are people who might present it that way, there are certain teachings in the world that present it that way but that is because they are attuned to these beings in the mental and lower identity realm that are not actually in the spiritual realm. Naturally in the spiritual realm there is no conflict, there is no separation, there is no division, we are all one and we know this.

Of course the concept of oneness is extremely difficult to convey to people who are unascended. It is extremely difficult to convey in words, so the difficulty I’m having here in answering the question is really that you can only really experience oneness. It cannot be conveyed in words. That is why you have to again step beyond the linear mind that wants to separate and categorise and label everything and say angels are like this and ascended masters are like this. I know many people have done this but this is not something I want to encourage at this point. That is why I tell you that it is important to recognise that there is oneness in the ascended realm and it is very difficult to fathom oneness when you are not ascended because everything on earth is so dominated and defined by the differences.


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