The complexity of the I AM Presence

Question: I have a question about I AM Presence, because we are given a concept of a spiritual being. I wonder if part of the I AM Presence focuses on us, our Conscious You, but if the rest of  the I AM Presence is focused totally on us, or the I AM Presence has some kind of life in the spiritual world?  This is connected a little bit with fallen beings, because fallen beings are falling from different spheres. The I AM Presence cannot get bored, but is it still learning from fallen beings?

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.

The I AM Presence is a very complex being. What we have given you is, in a sense, a simplified teaching about the I AM Presence. There are several reasons for this. One is, of course, that words are not very adequate when it comes to describing the I AM Presence. The other is that, as long as you are in embodiment, it is difficult to understand or grasp the I AM Presence. You can have mystical experiences of connection to your I AM Presence, of oneness with your I AM Presence, but you are not actually going to understand what your I AM Presence is. No matter how many teachings we give you, you will not intellectually understand what your I AM Presence is. That is another reason we try to give you some concepts that can help you primarily connect to the I AM Presence, and not primarily understand it in an intellectual way.

It is correct to say that the I AM Presence is a very complex spiritual being, and it is not completely focused on you and the life you are leading here. There are actually I AM Presences who have sent more than one extension of themselves down to various levels or places. There are I AM Presences who have more than one extension of themselves in embodiment in the physical octave. Some have extensions in the emotional, the mental, and the identity realm.

This is something that, of course, you do not really need to be concerned with because it does not affect your relationship to your I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is fully capable of focusing on you, and giving you what you need in order to grow. You do not need to know: Does my I AM Presence have other extensions and where are they? It is safe to say that you will not meet them while you are in embodiment on earth because an I AM Presence does not send two extensions of itself to the same planet because it wants to have a variety of experiences.

Another topic is, of course, what happens to the I AM Presence of a fallen being. Now, we have attempted to explain to you that, regardless of what you have gone through on earth, and regardless of the fact that you have come to a point where you have identified yourself as a human being, and regardless of the fact that you may not think that you have made much spiritual progress for a long time on earth, your I AM Presence has still gained positive life experiences and life lessons that it is using constructively.

This is not the case with a fallen being because when a person or being goes into the fallen consciousness, there is not really much of a life lesson to draw from this other than: “This doesn’t work.” The I AM Presence is not unintelligent. It does not take the I AM Presence that long to figure out that the fallen consciousness does not work. That is where an I AM Presence, in most cases then, will send other extensions of itself down so it has a variety of experiences and therefore it can still grow. Then, it can allow that extension that has fallen to take whatever time it takes in the hope that it will one day turn around and begin the upward path.

We can basically say that when a being has fallen, the I AM Presence does not put any attention on it until the being eventually begins to awaken and then is open to assistance from the I AM Presence. Then, that I AM Presence will likely send extensions of itself elsewhere so it can continue to have a variety of input.


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