The complexities and timetables of manifesting a golden age

Question: What we understand as the term Golden Age will be manifest during two thousand years of continuous of age. Just imagine that Christ, 10,000 Christed beings took embodiment now. Also there are several million beings who can reach the high level of Christhood during this lifetime. Also, it has been mentioned that a few hundred people/spiritual beings can reach the Buddhahood, what if they took embodiment now. My question is: are Christed beings awakened to perform their divine plan right now or if not, what we can do for them to awaken them?

Second question: When can we expect the critical change on this planet if we work together so Saint Germain’s Golden Age can be manifest continuously. Will something change? If we work together, can we expect some critical change in some decade?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

The people who are in embodiment right now who had a high degree of Christhood before they came into embodiment all have some intuitive sense of what their divine plan is and many of them are working towards it. Now, what could happen is that they would become more conscious of this process. They could be more conscious of the fact that there is something called Christhood and that they could reach higher levels and that they could express it more fully. For these, you could make the calls but it is, of course, all subject to free will.

What sometimes happens to a person who has some degree of Christhood is that it comes into embodiment with a relatively strong sense of intuition to focus on a particular area. Then, it becomes so absorbed in that area that it uses all of its attention on it. In many cases this is actually not the highest potential for a person with some Christhood. It is that they could become more conscious of the path, more consciously rise to higher levels and perform an even wider service. So these also could be made calls on by you.

There are millions of people who have the potential to reach Christhood and for those you can make the calls that they will actually awaken so that they will be conscious that there is a path they can follow so that they can manifest that Christhood more quickly. You can help them with the teachings, you can do other things, but all of these things are of course subject to free will.

When can you expect the Golden Age to manifest? Well, it depends on the choices people make and when we reach a critical mass and certain things. Of course, the Golden Age has already started manifesting and the Golden Age is not something where, as I have said before, you can come to a particular point where you say: “Now the Golden Age is manifest.” Because the Golden Age is an ongoing process.

It is not so, my beloved, as many envision, that there will come a point where now the Golden Age is manifest and now you have an ideal society that will remain that way for the rest of the 2,000-year period. It will be a continual growth throughout the 2,000 years where you will reach higher and higher levels for the next 2,000 years. There is a low potential, there is a high potential. If the high potential is manifest, you would not even be able to imagine the changes that will happen in society based on current conditions. If the low potential is manifest, it will still be much higher than what you have today.

You cannot really set a linear timeline for when this will happen, given the equation of free will and given the fact that it is an ongoing process. However, if we took a theoretical scenario that all of the Christed beings and all of those who have a potential to manifest Christhood did awaken, did come together, did in unison make certain calls for bringing about certain changes, if this happened you would start seeing changes immediately because there would be so many people – millions of people – who would focus their attention on the same thing. You would start to see certain changes immediately, simply because they would be able to shift the collective consciousness.

However, part of the Golden Age is that we come to a point where matter becomes less dense and this has many subtle ramifications that I have not really talked about yet but this will take much longer. Here we are talking centuries. Not many centuries, but at least one to two centuries before we will start to see this in the ideal scenario. It can take longer if we have the lowest potential manifest.

Again, even if you had all of these people come together, there is still the equation of free will of the majority. Even though you could start seeing changes immediately, there is still a limit to how quickly the changes can be manifest, and this has both something to do with the free-will choices of the majority of the population, but it also has something to do with people’s ability to shift their sense of identity quickly enough.

You have already seen there are people who talk about future shock and how even the last century has been challenging for many people because there has been so many technological changes that some people simply cannot adjust their minds. See how many older people still are not using computers, for example. This is not because they are not intelligent enough or smart enough to use a computer and to learn a computer. It is because they are not able in their minds to shift into the mindset that is required in order to use a computer. They cannot shift out of the old mindset that they grew up with.

You will see this as being one of the challenges for the Golden Age. There are times where I simply have to delay the release of certain new knowledge and technology because I can see that too many people simply cannot handle the changes, cannot adjust to them and this, of course, is not my intention. You realize, my beloved, that I do not sit up here as a dictator and say that in 2043 this must happen. I am looking at the people. I am looking at helping the people.

Again, there is a tendency among older dispensations of Ascended Master teachings to think that my Golden Age can be primarily defined by certain physical, technological achievements that will be made manifest. This is not the case. My Golden Age has the purpose of raising people’s consciousness and actually making it easier and easier for people to follow the example of Jesus and manifest the Christ consciousness. My primary concern is not physical changes, political changes, it is not to manifest certain technology and an advanced society. It is to raise the consciousness of the people, not by forcing them, not by shocking them beyond what they can handle but by working with them and their willingness.

You, for example, have to be careful to walk the balance where you do not think that bringing my Golden Age is so important that you should try to force other people. You cannot give your invocations and decrees with a mindset that you are needing or wanting or are justified in forcing other people. It is all voluntary. It is not so that I am standing up here tapping my foot and saying the earth is behind. Certainly, in some areas it is behind where it could be, but nevertheless I look at the whole. I look at the people and I see what they are able to handle, and I try to in the best way, as we have said before, give people what they need at their current level in order to take that next step. There are, of course, many people who are ahead and that is why some countries are ahead in various ways including technology.

You realize, my beloved, that there are countries in the world where if people were transported into your lifestyle in a technological age, they would not be able to handle it. I have to configure all this into my equation and it is, quite frankly, a very complex puzzle. It is also my joyful work to do this and so I have perhaps, a greater degree of patience than I normally express. It can be good for you to also have the patience, not in the sense that you do not make the calls but in the sense that you do not become disappointed if the world does not change in an afternoon.


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