English will be the common language in the Golden Age

Question: How should we treat national languages and what is the future of languages in general?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

In the Golden Age, as we move further and further into the Golden Age, English will become more and more widespread. It is my vision for the Golden Age that for the first several centuries of the future, the national languages will be largely preserved but that all people in all countries will start learning their national language and English.

In this way the people in all countries have to learn only two languages and they should start this from a very early age, so that they are proficient or fluent in both languages. In this way if all people around the world learn English then all people from around the world can communicate with each other and this is my vision for the Golden Age.

Now as we move centuries ahead there will be more and more nations that will give up their national languages. Some of the nations that exist today will in fact be dissolved and you will see the emergence of larger regions where national boundaries become insignificant.

Therefore also national languages gradually fade away and everybody embraces the common language of English. Of course, English will also develop over time, so 500 years from now they will not be speaking the exact same form of English as they do today.


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