The Christ consciousness is not a matter of having enough understanding

Question: What effect does the intellectual level have on the attainment of Christ consciousness? Do we all have the same intellectual capabilities but the differences only result from our blockages?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Part of Christ consciousness my beloved, is that you develop all of your four lower bodies. The physical body of course has the least influence on the Christ consciousness in one sense but of course, if your physical body is severely limited then it may be difficult for you to attain or express Christ consciousness.

So you need to have a certain level of development of the physical body in order to support the Christ consciousness and this is part of attaining mastery. But it is attained not by working with the physical body but working with three higher bodies.

Your emotional body also needs to evolve in order to be the Christ because you need to come to that point where you’re not driven by your emotions, you’re not controlled by your emotions. You don’t have these very reactionary selves. You don’t have this mechanism where you are seeking to change other people in order to avoid a negative feeling in yourself or for that matter, seeking to change other people because you think only if you get their love and attention will you feel happy.

Now the mental mind, of course, is part of this. In order to be able to express Christ consciousness in specific situations it is important and valid to develop your mental capacity. The problem however is that for many, many people, especially in the modern world which is so in love with the intellect, they think that it is possible to attain Christ consciousness by understanding enough intellectually, analytically. They actually think that Christ consciousness is a matter of having enough understanding and of course you could take my statement, “with all thy getting, get understanding” but nevertheless understanding goes beyond as I used it, goes beyond intellectual understanding.

You could say my beloved that there are many people in the modern world who for several lifetimes because this process has been going on for centuries, who for several lifetimes have been focused on developing their intellect and becoming what you call “intelligent” or “intellectual people” and so they have built a momentum on this.

Now they come to a point where they are open to the spiritual path and they find the spiritual path in one form or another and then they basically approach the spiritual path as was said in the previous question, as a mental game, a mental exercise. They are attempting to make spiritual progress by using their intellect to know and understand more and more, to categorize, to label, to create a system where you, for example, list characteristics for what it means to be a spiritually advanced person and then with your outer mind you strive to attain those characteristics and then you think this equates to spiritual growth.

Christ consciousness has been misunderstood by many spiritual students who are so focused in the mental mind, focused on the intellect and it can become a blind alley. You do see students who have studied spiritual teachings for 30 or 40 years and who are very knowledgeable from a linear intellectual perspective but who haven’t really shifted their consciousness very much, if at all. They know more and more but they haven’t really changed. They haven’t really risen to a higher level on the scale of the 144 levels and this is not what we desire to see. That is why we have given you so many tools that if you actually use these tools, it will be very difficult for you to remain focused on the intellect.

But you have some students that are so attached to the intellect that they have what we might call intellectual pride and they simply would not be able to even accept or grasp the teachings we have given through this messenger. They want something that is more mental, more intellectual and for such people there are teachings like that in the world. They are not given by the ascended masters but they are given by beings in the mental realm who have given some teachings that are very mental, are very intellectual and it is not that these teachings are necessarily given in a malicious way unless these beings in the mental realm present themselves as ascended masters, in which case you would call them impostors because they are not ascended masters if they’re in the mental realm.

But there are beings in the mental realm who are simply saying, “well we have a greater understanding of the universe than most people on earth and therefore we should give some teachings if we have the opportunity to give them through some kind of channel.” This could be said to have a certain legitimacy because it can help certain people.

Unfortunately however, we also see that some of the people who follow these very intellectual teachings only become more and more anchored in this intellectual pride and they even sometimes move on to what we might call spiritual pride, where they have a sense that they are more spiritually advanced than most other people on the planet. You have organizations where the people who are following that particular teaching feel that they are surely the most evolved, the most advanced, most sophisticated, spiritual students on the planet and we have, I trust, strongly encouraged you not to go into that blind alley because it really isn’t constructive for the potential that you have to rise to higher levels of consciousness in this embodiment.


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