The change in the latest teaching

Question: I feel that the dictations released by the masters in the last few years have changed. For example, they are focused on specific topics like addressing avatars only. They have become less inspiring and more specific to certain topics. Is it my perception filter or have the masters changed their approach?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

It is both, my beloved. We have changed our approach in the sense that we have decided to release these teachings specifically for avatars. It is obvious that there will be some previous students who feel that this doesn’t apply to them, either because they are not avatars or because they are not ready to deal with something as serious as the birth trauma. There are people who are rejecting the “My Lives” book simply because they are not willing and not ready to go so deep into their psychology. They are afraid that they would be overwhelmed by the birth trauma. This is, of course why we have given all of these very gradual and very safe tools, so you can deal with the birth trauma without being overwhelmed by it. But if people do not believe this, then they can have as their only option is, to deny the validity of the book in order to justify to themselves why they don’t need to deal with the trauma.

If you are one of the original inhabitants of the earth you might very well feel that these teachings are not for you. But as we have also said, even the original inhabitants of the earth face the same problem. You have been exposed to the fallen beings, you have as a result of that, created certain separate selves and the process of getting rid of the separate self is the same for an avatar as for a dweller on earth. So really, the teachings doapply to all.

It’s clear that in a sense we have changed our approach because the main characteristic of the “My Lives” book is that previously we have attempted to adapt our teachings to specific groups of people that we deemed were ready for a particular teaching or a particular approach. With the “My Lives” book it is so to speak “throwing all caution to the wind”, as the popular saying goes. So we are saying, here we need to state a truth in a very straightforward, very fact-of-the-matter manner and then let people react to it as they want. This book is meant for such a large variety of people that you cannot be sensitive to individual groups. So we have to take a calculated risk that some will not be willing to make that shift.

In a sense you could say that we have decided to simply go to a higher level where we give a teaching that requires people to have attained a certain openness, a certain willingness to look at themselves. If you are not willing to look at yourself you might find it difficult to deal with these teachings. You might find them, as the question said “less inspiring” but you also need to consider that there comes these points in the process of progressive revelation where we have reached a certain plateau. We have given teachings for people who are at a lower level of consciousness anda certain level. We have given enough teachings that people can transcend that level and there really isn’t any point in continuing to give more and more detail because there’s already enough teaching that people can do what they need to do to transcend that level. They have what they need.

So then the question is: “do we then stop progressive revelation? Do we continue to give teachings for that level, giving more and more details?” Or do we simply say “now we have a messenger who is able to stretch his mind and step up to a higher level, so we will make use of this. If we lose some students in the process then we certainly can help a broader variety of students and therefore this is what we have to accept.” That is what we have done with these teachings – not only with the “My Lives” book but basically the teachings we have given over the last couple of years. It requires you to be more willing to look at yourself.

If you go back to previous ascended master’ organizations, you will see that many students there were so focused on decreeing to change the world that they essentially used this as an excuse for not looking at their own  psychology. When we told them to look at their own psychology many people didn’t do it because they could justify this with “it was so important to decree on world conditions or various calamities might happen”. As was just said, if you decide you’re going to fight the fallen beings, you can keep fighting this for many lifetimes. So if you decide that you have to decree to change world conditions and you don’t have time to look at your own psychology, you can also continue doing this for a very long time. And then it essentially is so that our teachings become an excuse for people not to look at their own psychology. This prevents them from making the progress theycould have made, the progress they wanted to make in their divine plans.


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