The cardinal points and the four lower bodies

Question: I was wondering about the cardinal points east, south, north and west which are the connections between the directions, elements and the levels of the mind. Is there a direct connection in its meanings? And what is it about the east as in the Bible it is stated  three kings from the East brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. I also read that monks start to meditate on a yantra starting at east. So what does east stand for?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, there are some esoteric teachings where you can find more details about this. But obviously, you can set up a certain correspondence between these cardinal points and the four lower bodies or the four aspects of the physical realm. You can say, for example, that east represents the identity body, or etheric body, south represents the mental body, west represents the emotional body and north represents the physical body. But you can find other spiritual teachings that give a different connection.

We have not given much teaching on this because we do not really want our students to be hung up on these very linear views of everything. Now, if you take this model, I have just given you, you will see that of course, the light descends first, into the identity body. And this represents the east because the east is where the light first becomes visible as the earth revolves around itself. The sun rises in the east, and this has always been a universal symbol for the appearance of the light, the descent of the light.

Really, you could say that the three wise men descended from the light. They also did physically come from the east. But the symbol is that they descended from the light and therefore the wise men that bring various spiritual gifts are of course, the ascended masters, who descend from the light to the identity realm, the higher identity realm and from there, give our gifts to human beings in embodiment as they are able to receive them, depending on the purity of their lower bodies.


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