The Buddhic perspective on the war in Ukraine

Question: I am a Russian, and I was deeply affected by my country’s aggressive attack on the Ukrainian people who are close to us. I feel pain and deep compassion for the people who are now experiencing the horrors of war. And I still cannot manage to be neutral. And it seems to me that to become neutral, is to stop feeling compassion. After all, the energy of compassion itself already has a color, it is not neutral. In this regard, I have a question for the ascended masters. How does a lifestream which has a sufficient level of Christ Consciousness perceive this situation? Does it have a position on this conflict? And how does the lifestream with the level of Buddhahood see the situation? Does it feel compassion? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

First of all, you need to recognize that you are a human being in embodiment, and it is natural to feel disturbed by war and human atrocities, it is natural to feel compassion for the people who are suffering. You do not need to come down on yourself for feeling this.

Now, of course, you can rise to higher levels of Christhood, and therefore, you will shift. A person who has attained some level of Christhood will be aware, what we have said many times, that the earth is basically an educational institution. And that many people only learn from the school of hard knocks. And they only learn when the knocks become very hard. This means that you cannot allow yourself to feel what is the normal human compassion, because you cannot then maintain the neutrality and a detachment that is an aspect of Christhood.

Buddhahood, of course, is an even higher level of non-attachment. It does not mean that the Buddha does not have compassion, but it is not human compassion. You can basically say that when you reach Christhood and Buddhahood, you are not evaluating things based on a dualistic perspective: Is this right or wrong? Should this be happening, or should this not be happening? You are stepping back, you are looking at it neutrally and saying: “Well, if this is what people need to see outplayed in order to shift their consciousness, I am not focusing on saying what is right and wrong. I am focusing on how can I help people who are willing to shift their consciousness. And the rest, you cannot really do anything, because they are unreachable from your level of consciousness. They are only reachable by the school of hard knocks.

It may seem as if Christhood and Buddhahood takes away compassion, but it takes away the human compassion and you rise to a higher level. Naturally as an ascended master you do not want to see people suffer. But if you are an ascended master working with earth, you accept that suffering is not going to go away tomorrow or the next day. You need to accept that suffering is a part of life on earth right now. And you are using every opportunity you can to work with people who can help raise the collective consciousness, so it moves away from the need to learn only through suffering.


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