The Buddha (nature) in a plant or an animal form 

Question: According to Buddhist texts, the Buddha has said that in some of his previous lives, he was a plant or an animal. Is this true or accurate?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, here is again an example of a question that cannot be answered with a yes or a no, because it depends on how you see these concepts. You need to separate here. And this is what most people find impossible to do. You need to separate the Buddha as a physical incarnation, as a physical person, from the Buddha, as a broader consciousness. It is the same problem that many Christians have, where there is the personal aspect of Jesus taking incarnation as the Christ and then beyond this is the Christ consciousness.

When you look at the concept of Buddha, you will see that I said that the Buddha nature is in everything, everything has the Buddha nature within it. When you are talking about the Buddha nature, you can say that the Buddha nature was in rocks, in plants, in animals.

But the teaching we are giving today is that, you, the core of your being as the Conscious You, which is an extension of your I Am Presence, and that Conscious You did not descend into a rock, or a plant or an animal. That means you as an individual lifestream, you have not been a plant or an animal in past lives and then gradually evolved to being a human. You descended for the first time, in a human body, or at least a human-like body if it was on another planet.

I as Gautama Buddha, who was embodied 2500 years ago, had not been a rock or a plant in a past life. This is actually not what I said. But this is what has been interpreted by people later. Because they had a certain view of the world that is not there today. Your view in the Western world is very different from what people had 2500 years ago in the region of the world where I was embodied.

They interpreted it this way, they thought that everything had to come from the same source. And they thought in a very linear way, that is, in a way somewhat parallel to the evolutionary teachings you have today, that creation started gradually. So at first there were more primitive forms, rocks, and minerals, then there was plants, then there was animals, and then there was humans. Therefore, incarnation had to start in these more primitive forms.

Now, as I said, when you look at this as a matter of consciousness, it is not necessarily incorrect. But when you look at it as an individual being, it is a different story. Because the reality is that the Elohim brought forth the physical manifestations on earth in a series of stages. First, there was minerals and rocks, then there was plants, then there was animals, then there was human bodies. But it was not until human bodies, with a complexity of brain and nervous system were brought forth, that spiritual beings descended into the physical level.


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