The Bread of life is the Christ consciousness

TOPICS: Wheat is a symbol for the bread of life – the Christ Consciousness is the real bread of life –

Question: Jesus and I have visited with each other during meditations, visions and dreams. Once, he walked toward me through a field of lilies with a white horse and Mother Mary. Then suddenly I was transformed into a seed of wheat that instantly grew into a sprout of wheat in the sunlight. As I became the grains of wheat at the tip of the stalk, the sunlight flooded and warmed me. It was a wonderful and transformative experience. Can you tell me: What is the significance of wheat? Is it the bread of life?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful vision that was very real and profound. In this vision, the lilies represented lifestreams that are ready to blossom into a more spiritual state of consciousness. The prince on a white horse represents the Holy Christ self of each person. It is literally the Christ self that comes to sweep people away into the Paradise of the Christ consciousness.

In your case, when you obtain union with your Christ self, you can serve as the prince on the white horse for a group of lifestreams that are waiting for you to show them the way to attain Christ consciousness.

The wheat is a symbol of the fact that I have planted the seed of the Christ consciousness in your lifestream. When you allow it to grow, you too can become the Bread of Life so that you can share the Christ consciousness that you become with others.

Wheat is simply a symbol for the Bread of Life, but it is not the Bread of Life. The Bread of life is the Christ consciousness, or more specifically, the wisdom of the Christ consciousness.


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