The Bible codes

TOPICS: Why hide a code in ancient times that could not be interpreted until the computer age? – why can’t God give revelation today? – with progressive revelation no need for a code – any teaching can be understood at different levels – dream of a mechanical salvation – codes found are the codes programmed into the computer – is the Bible code there when no one is looking? –

Question: Are the Bible Codes in the book of Torah real? 

Question 2: Everyone seems to be making a huge fuss over a code found in the original Hebrew edition of the Old Testament, or the Torah. Is this code for real? Is it predicting actual earth events? Does it contain the only possible outcome or several possible outcomes? And was it God or aliens that put it there?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Ask yourself a few questions. Why would God hide a code in a spiritual teaching that was originally given as direct revelation and which was passed on in an oral tradition? Why insert a code that could not be interpreted until thousands of years later when people invented computers?

In order to believe in such a code, you have to believe that although God supposedly gave humankind the Bible as a result of direct revelation, God somehow lost the ability to give direct revelation after the Bible was given. In other words, God must have known that he had only one shot at giving people divine revelation, and therefore he had to insert a code that people could interpret later, when they had computers but no revelation.

When you think about this, it simply doesn’t make sense. God is almighty, so God could never lose the ability to communicate with human beings. So why would God insert a code in a communication that was given thousands of years ago in order to communicate a message that he could just as easily communicate today through direct revelation? When you truly understand the reality of progressive revelation, which has been ongoing far longer than recorded history and will be ongoing for the indefinite future, then there really is no need for a hidden code in the Bible.

It is perfectly true that any true spiritual teaching can be interpreted at many different levels. This is expressed in the saying:

But without a parable spake he not unto them: and when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples. (Mark 4:34)

So there are different levels of understanding of my teachings, corresponding to different levels of spiritual maturity. Nevertheless, the hidden understanding does not take the form of a code that can be interpreted only by a computer. It takes the form of teachings that cannot be understood by the dualistic mind. The true meaning can be unlocked only when the student raises his or her consciousness above the level of the dualistic mind and makes contact with his or her Christ self.

Why this sudden interest in and discovery of the so-called bible code? Part of it is that humankind’s consciousness is being raised, which makes it easier for people to recognize hidden patterns. I have already commented on this elsewhere.

However, another part of the explanation is that since the Fall some people have been looking for a mechanical means to salvation. These people love computers, which are, contrary to popular belief, entirely mechanical devices and will never achieve any real intelligence. A computer can only recognize mechanical patterns, yet Christhood cannot be attained in a mechanical manner—even though many false teachers want you to believe that this is possible. This is the way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12).

The simple fact is that the computer cannot extract real information. It can only analyze a literary work and compare it to the values that are programmed into the computer by the operator. So the type of codes that can be found in the Bible will be determined by what the operator is looking for. This is very similar to what has already been discovered by quantum physics, namely that the consciousness of the observer will inevitably influence the observation.

The truth behind this “discovery” is that as long as people are trapped in the dualistic mind, they will tend to see what they want to see. Only when you rise above duality and attain the true vision of the Christ mind will you see that which is real.

In reality, you can take almost any sufficiently lengthy and complex literary work and find some kind of code or pattern. However, as quantum physicists ask, “Is the world really there when no one is looking?” Likewise, you might ask, “Is the Bible code really there when no one is looking?”

There are certain literary works in which the author deliberately inserted a cipher code. This was done in societies where persecution from church or state made it dangerous for the author to reveal certain information. Therefore, the information was preserved in a code that could be read only by those who had the key. Examples of this are the works of Francis Bacon and Shakespeare. However, as I explained above, God has no need to use such codes. God and the ascended masters can at any time use direct revelation to convey our messages.


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