The best position for giving invocations and decrees 

Question: Beloved masters, could you tell me if the rosaries and decrees can be recited while lying down? Or will the light of the ascended masters not come to me in this way? In what position is the efficiency of reading decrees most effective?

Answer from Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, again, and we do not want to give you a black and white view of this, but it is clear that if you look at traditions going far, far back in the east, you see that people have always been sitting somewhat upright with their spine erect during a meditative posture or while chanting. This is because when the spine is upright, and fairly straight, then the light can most easily rise through the chakras, from the base chakra to the crown. It is clear that if you want the maximum efficiency, it is better to sit somewhat straight, but still sit in a comfortable position. For decrees, it is better not to have your legs crossed, but to sit on a chair, where you can sit in a comfortable position that you can hold for some time.

Of course, if you have some kind of condition that makes it difficult for you to sit up, then you can of course lay down and recite invocations and decrees. They may not have exactly the same efficiency in terms of raising the light along the spinal column, but they will still have a high degree of efficiency, especially if you focus in your heart and really put your heart into giving them. So it can of course be done, and it is, of course, better to do it from a lying position, than not to do it at all.


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