The avoidance mechanism and the primal self

Question:This question is about the avoidance mechanism. Oftentimes my avoidance mechanism comes into effect when I am faced with a heavily daunting but very important task such as doing academic work. In that case my mind wants to escape from the work indefinitely, even realising the negative consequences of failure. Do you have any advice on overcoming the avoidance mechanism behaviour or for strengthening self-discipline?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

My beloved, let me pick up on the last word of self-discipline which has traditionally been a concept that has been used by religious and spiritual people throughout the ages and it has often been misused. In most cases this has been because people simply didn’t know better. In cases like this, it is not a matter of self-discipline because what does self-discipline do? It uses force to override an aspect of the mind. There are some people who can achieve results by this. But this is essentially what the Buddha attempted to do for those six years where he was living the ascetic lifestyle. So what you can do today in something like this, is you can use the teachings we have given you on the primal self and all of these other selves.

You can recognize that you have a particular self and it this self that is resisting you doing the academic work. So you need to use the tools and teachings we have given you, to come to discover what that self is for you individually. In other words, in many cases you have a self that was created in the distant past when you were hurt in a particular situation. For the self there is a risk that you could be hurt again in a certain activity. Therefore in order to avoid that risk, the self would rather have you run away from the situation. It doesn’t have to be just academic work, it can be any other aspect of life. You need to do the work to find out what was it in the past, what is the feeling you have about this, what is the risk you think you are taking? What is the worst thing that you fear could happen as a result of this?

You need to find out why you then have this self-sabotaging belief that causes you to – on the one hand feel compelled to do the work and on the other hand wanting to run away from it. There are often two selves – one that is compelling you to do something and the other one that is resisting it. You need to uncover both of these selves, find out what they are and come to that point where you have used our tools to where you have separated yourself from the self.

You see there is one separate self doing this or saying this, there is another separate self doing that but they are both just separate selves. What they are springing from is an illusion, the basic belief of the self is an illusion. When you come to that, you can use the formula we have given you of identifying that you are a self, you are not me, I am not you. You are simply a self and I don’t want you anymore in my life experience and I am letting you die.


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