The Ashtar Command and the ascended masters

TOPICS: Some channeling entities have benign intentions – do beings misrepresent their identity? – channeled teachings can contain a lot of truth and a bit of error – from whom would you rather receive information? – discernment is key –

Question: You said before that the Ashtar Command does not belong to the ascended masters, yet there are many good discourses which speak highly even of yourself, and noble people who belong to these groups and prove to be true attendants, do you believe that they are all fakes, which will mean that all space brothers are fakes. Is this true?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What is your definition of a fake? As I explain elsewhere, there are indeed beings who channel through human messengers without having any impure intent of deceiving people. If such beings channel information without misrepresenting who they are, would you call them fakes? If they present you with information given according to their highest understanding and with no evil intent, would you call them fakes? If they work with the best of intentions, would you call them fakes?

What I have said is that none of the so-called space brothers belong to the ascended masters. Therefore, if such beings claim to be part of the ascended masters, they are misrepresenting their identity. We of the ascended masters have passed the final exam of the material universe. We therefore reside beyond the material universe, as explained elsewhere.

There are many beings who reside in one of the four levels of the material universe, some in locations congruent with various star systems. Some of these beings belong to civilizations that are more advanced than human civilization on earth. Unfortunately, given the current state of affairs on planet earth, that does not necessarily say much about the spiritual maturity of such beings.

You simply need to decide from where you want to get your information. Since reliable information from the ascended masters is available to you, why would you spend your precious time studying information that comes from beings who have not yet ascended from the material universe? If you are trying to pass an exam after your first year of college, would you rather take advice from a second-year student or from a professor? If you are trying to charge a battery by using a solar cell, would you rather collect light from the moon or from the sun?

Be aware that there are indeed impostors who will seek to fool you. They will often give you a great deal of true information, mixed in with a little bit of error. Some of them will speak highly of me or other spiritual beings in an attempt to gain your trust. They might seem very benign, positive or spiritual, but inwardly they are like ravening wolves.

The most valuable ability a sincere spiritual seeker can develop is the discernment that comes from contact with your Christ self. Use the tools I have given on our websites to establish and expand that contact, and then you can personally evaluate whether a teaching is worth studying or whether you might find better sources of information. There is so much information available today that you could not possibly study it all in a normal life span. So you should be picky with the information you take into your mind, and you should choose wisely how you use your time and attention.


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