The air pollution in Korea

Question: This question is about air pollution by particulate matter. In Korea, the air quality has deteriorated recently due to particulate matter, which is threatening people’s health and causing inconvenience in our daily lives. Its main cause is known to be harmful chemical, particularly from any factories, thermal power plants, and waste incinerators in China. However, Korea has not been able to make any official complaints to China or to take effective measures against the problem, even though the Korean government has recently conducted an artificial rainfall experiment, in order to lower the concentration of particulate matter. Would you comment on how we can solve the air pollution, by particulate matter problem and reduce the suffering of people in Korea? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well, in the short term, you can only take the measures of trying to protect yourself on an individual basis. When we look at the more long term, there is, of course, always a spiritual solution or making calls for this. But in reality, you cannot make calls for the air pollution itself, you need to make calls for the change in the political situation. It’s clear that there needs to be a shift in the Chinese attitude. But it cannot be brought about by Korea alone, it will have to be other nations that are bordering China, and who are also suffering from this pollution. To some degree, it was also a matter of the pollution in China itself becoming so severe that the Chinese people demand changes.

But the reality here is simply that this is an example of how China as a nation is still at a lower level of consciousness, where it is not willing to take responsibility for its actions and how they affect both its own people, and people in neighboring nations. And this is because they are so focused on themselves. And they think that because they are such a large and important nation, and because they have to have such a goal of economic growth, and this and that, (and of course, the communist ideology, that they still drag with them), they do not need to be considerate of other people or even their own people.

So you can make calls for this, you can make calls for the binding of the demons behind this as spiritual people. But you can also make calls for a rising international awareness of the problem so that other nations will join forces with Korea, and there will be a joint effort to actually launch an official complaint over this problem and a demand that China does something to stop the pollution where it originates. This will take some time. But it is important actually that these efforts take place. But because it is part of the process of creating a shift in China, where they become a more aware and more responsible member of the international community.


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