The Agni Yoga movement

Question: Could Master More comment on the Agni Yoga movement? It is more popular in my country of Lithuania than any other ascended master movement. Its members though mostly deny that there was any new revelation after Agni Yoga. I’m very grateful for Agni Yoga because it gave me all the basic foundations in my childhood, my mother was a member of the Roerich Society, to start my path. There was also my introduction to ascended masters, although in Agni Yoga they were called mahatmas.

Answer from the Ascended Master Master More  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

Well, the Agni Yoga movement was sponsored for a time but of course came to a point where the sponsorship ended and since then we have then sponsored other organizations. You will see that the Agni yoga movement has followed the same pattern that most of the organizations we have sponsored have followed.

They have recognized that there was progressive revelation through their movement, perhaps through some of the previous movements, but they have not recognized the progressive revelation through any movement coming after theirs which implies that the members of these movements and the leaders must believe that progressive revelation stopped with their movement.

The problem with this is of course, first of all, that it is not true, it is not correct, it is not in alignment with the ascended masters. The problem is that this very, very quickly causes the people who accept this to go into a state of spiritual pride where they actually believe that they can know better than the ascended masters what we should say or not say and through whom we should speak, or not speak. You will unfortunately see that these previous movements that deny any revelation after their own have been very much affected by this subtle consciousness of spiritual pride. The effect of this is that it prevents many of the people who come in contact with these movements from moving on and gaining contact with where we are at today.

There are of course some people that are able to move on and that is the positive aspect of these movements because they do of course introduce many ideas about the spiritual path and ascended masters. We can only work with the people who are willing to move on and of course with the people who are not willing to move on, we have no other option than to respect their free will. And we have no problem respecting their free will even though it is very, very clear that if more people would move on to the latest dispensation or use its teachings and invocations and decrees they could have a greater impact on a planetary level.


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