Teaching psychology in the educational system

Question: When will Estonia’s educational system be changed so our young people can learn more about life beyond the things they currently need to learn? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.

Well, again, the change we are looking for in the educational system is not one specific change because different nations will need to design their educational systems partly based on their history and their national consciousness. It is clear that a nation like Estonia is behind in many ways because they are too focused on the mechanical outer learning. There are many countries in Eastern Europe that still have that remnant of the mechanical, the outer learning of facts rather than developing the personality of the students, and so on.

Nevertheless, the change that we are primarily looking for is that nations will begin to teach children more about psychology: how to deal with their own psychology, how to deal with other people’s psychology, and so forth and so on. You have now in many nations an increased awareness in the topic of bullying where some children are bullying others, and it is traumatizing them and interfering with their education. This is one step in the right direction, but it is not the ultimate step because what many nations do is they institute a policy where they try to suppress bullying. But it is much more constructive to teach the children about psychology and how the psychology works.

Now, of course, there are reasons why this has not happened already and, you know, my beloved, at the bottom of every issue, there are fallen beings who do not want the raising of the awareness. They do not want people to be taught about their psychology because then they will be able to resolve conflicts and the fallen beings cannot control them. This is not necessarily the primary reason in many countries.

There are actually many countries right now – Estonia, the Scandinavian countries, many European countries – that are at a sort of crossroads where the traditional conflict between science and religion has had the effect of preventing a real debate about what kind of beings we are as human beings, and how do we actually function as human beings. What is it going to take for us to have reasonably fulfilled lives? What do we need to know about our psychology in order to achieve those kinds of lives.

This is the shift we’re looking for, but it is more than the educational system. We actually require society to resolve this conflict between traditional Christian religions and scientific materialism. This does not mean they have to accept ascended master teachings. They just have to begin to debate this issue and realize that there is actually something to know about this topic that is beyond traditional religion and materialism.

When will this happen? Well, it is not realistic to expect that Estonia will be one of the forerunners for this, but it could potentially happen within the next decade, especially if some spiritual people around the world, or around Europe, would make it an issue that they would give calls and invocations on, that would hasten the growth of it.

It is also a necessary step that a country like Estonia begins to debate whether its school system is too strict, too focused on mechanical outer learning, and therefore suppresses the creativity of those children who actually have the potential to bring forth the ideas that would take Estonia into the Golden Age.

There is, of course, in all former communist nations a long tradition of suppressing creativity, and so it would be very valid if Estonia and other countries in Eastern Europe would begin to debate: “Are we somehow, without realizing it, continuing that effort from communist times that really was designed to suppress the individual creative effort? Is there something we need to change in our approach to children, in our approach to education, in order to allow certain children that are more creative, that do not have the traditional intellectual and analytical way of learning, to shine and to develop their abilities?” Because it is necessary for our nation these people are allowed to bring forward their ideas that only they can bring forth.”


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