Taking the long view on how your spiritual work helps change the world

TOPICS: Avoid the trap of frustration when the physical octave does not respond as you hoped – practical realism – uncompromising respect for free will – everything on earth exists to give people an opportunity to learn – conscious and unconscious learning – learn from the Buddha’s temptation – non-attachment is only way to avoid fanaticism – it is not your job to bring about specific changes – it is your job to raise consciousness – it takes time for ideas to work through the four levels of the material realm – the four steps of change – do not give up just before a change becomes physical – the golden age cannot be stopped – flow with the River of Life –

Question: Many of us have been praying the rosaries or doing other kinds of spiritual work, hoping we could somehow change things. Yet most of us have experienced that events did not turn out as we prayed for. So I ask Jesus, on behalf of all dedicated lightworkers on this planet, please offer us some consoling words, so we can pick ourselves up and go back to our mission of bringing peace and manifesting God’s kingdom on earth.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for asking this question; it gives me the opportunity to give some important teachings for all who consider themselves spiritual people, whether you call yourself a lightworker, a lightbearer, or a spiritual and religious person. Let me give you some thoughts.

Thought 1
Let me begin by saying that I can fully understand that many people feel frustrated. This is especially true for those who pray or work to bring about changes and then do not see these changes manifest. If you read the scriptures, you will see that when I was in embodiment, I often felt and expressed frustration over the fact that people did not respond to my message or my actions as I had hoped they would respond. I was even frustrated with my own disciples on a regular basis.

So I understand your frustration, but I also have to say that I would like all spiritual seekers to develop an attitude whereby they can avoid falling into the trap of frustration. The more you can avoid being frustrated over the actions or non-actions of other people, the more useful you can be to the ascended masters and the more peaceful will be your personal path. In other words, I would like to help you do better today than I myself did 2,000 years ago.

I understand that when you look at certain events through the filter of the mind of a person in embodiment, it can seem very frustrating. Yet we of the ascended masters have been associated with humankind for a very long time. So we naturally have a much broader perspective, and I would like to give you a bit of that perspective. We have seen so many times that individuals, or a group of people, have not lived up to their highest potential. They have chosen the low road instead of the high road. Because we have seen this so often, we have learned to deal with the frustration and adopt an attitude of practical realism.

Thought 2
Let me make some general remarks that are very important for all people who consider themselves the extensions of the ascended masters and part of the change in consciousness that is surely happening on this planet. As I said, we of the ascended masters have been working for a very long time to bring about positive changes on this planet. As I explain throughout this website, we would like to see very dramatic and swift changes.

Yet time and time again, people choose to cling to what is familiar instead of being willing to flow with the necessary changes of the times. How can we stand to see this happen over and over again? We can stand this because we have an unconditional love for our unascended brothers and sisters and we have an uncompromising respect for God’s Law of Free Will.

It is extremely important for all spiritual people to develop a clear understanding of and an uncompromising respect for free will. As I have said many times, the Law of Free Will is the basic law for the material universe. If human beings insist on blowing up their planet, then the ascended masters will let them do this. The reason being that the very purpose for the creation of the material universe is to be a schoolroom for lifestreams. Everything on planet earth has one purpose, and one purpose only, namely to give lifestreams the best possible opportunity to learn.

As I explain in the book Save Yourself, there are two ways to learn in the schoolroom called earth. There is conscious learning and unconscious learning, there is the spiritual path and the school of hard knocks. You can either learn by listening to a spiritual teacher or you can learn by reaping the consequences of your own actions, as they are mirrored back by the material universe itself.

We of the ascended masters would love to see people learn by following our directions, but we have no intention of forcing people to do this. Therefore, we have no intention whatsoever of forcing human beings to choose certain changes, including a particular candidate for president. Because we have no such intention, we are not disappointed when human beings do not choose the highest possible option (indeed, we know that sometimes there isn’t a highest possible option available). We are not disappointed because our respect for free will and our love for human beings make us non-attached to the outcome of certain events.

Thought 3
It is important for all lightworkers to learn from the example of the Buddha, when he sat under the Bo tree and was challenged by the demons of Mara. It was a similar initiation to what happened to me after my time in the wilderness, when I was tempted by the devil. The simple fact is that the prince of this world will always seek to tempt spiritual people into reacting to his schemes. The best weapon he has is that people become attached to a particular outcome in the material universe. This attachment makes it easy for people to become discouraged, and discouragement is the sharpest tool in the Devil’s toolkit.

If you are attached to a particular outcome, the prince of this world has something in you, and he will exploit it to detract you from your spiritual growth or to even abort that growth completely. As an obvious example, see how many truly religious people have become attached to a certain outcome and therefore crossed the line to fanaticism that caused them to engage in this or that kind of holy war. This is the last thing I want to see happen to the lightworkers of today, and the only way to avoid this is for people to make a conscious effort to develop true non-attachment.

One of my colleagues, the Ascended Master El Morya, [Master MORE] has the motto: “Do right action, and be non-attached to the fruits of action.” This is an extremely important concept to internalize. When you do internalize this principle, you realize that as a lightworker it is not your job to bring about specific changes on planet earth.

Yes, that is exactly what I said.

Although we of the ascended masters would like to see specific changes, we realize that these changes can come about only when people in embodiment make certain choices. It is not our job to force people to make these choices. It is, however, our job to help people have the best possible conditions for choosing the high road over the low road.

This equally applies to our unascended brothers and sisters, those who consider themselves spiritual people or lightworkers. It is not your job to bring about specific changes. It is your job to raise the consciousness of humankind to the point where a critical mass of people can make the choice to bring about these changes.

Do you see the important distinction? It is not your job to choose for people. It is your job to help them choose for themselves. When you understand this, you will never be disappointed when things do not go exactly the way you would like to see them go. You will know that you did the very best you could, by raising your own consciousness, by doing your spiritual work, and by speaking the truth as you see it. You made a valiant effort to give other people the best possible conditions for making better choices, and this is all you are required to do. You are required to shout your message from the housetops, but you are not responsible for what other people do or don’t do as a result of hearing the message. That is their choice, and it will be their karma.

Thought 4
If you read my discourse about the levels of the material universe, you will see that I talk about four levels. So when I talk about a specific change that needs to happen on planet earth, for example changes in the American political system, you have to understand that these changes begin in the etheric realm as an idea in the mind of God. The changes then need to work their way through the mental and emotional realms before they can become a physical reality.

There are many of the spiritual people in today’s world who have the inner attunement to see the changes that need to happen on earth. However, it is important to understand that many of the things you see are presently manifest only as ideas in the etheric realm, or perhaps in the mental realm. Because you have the vision to see these changes, it becomes your responsibility to do the work to bring these changes down into the material realm. Yet that process cannot take place overnight.

My point is that as lightworkers, you need to maintain the vision of how a particular idea filters down from the etheric realm, into the mental realm, then into the emotional realm and then finally break breaks through into physical manifestation. In other words, the process of bringing about changes requires four steps, and you can play an active part in all of them:

  • Etheric. Tune in to the ideas that exist in the etheric realm. Without vision, the people perish, so we need people who can capture the vision and who will hold on to it in the face of all outer appearances. You can do this by making a determined effort to reach for Christ consciousness and then seek to communicate your vision of a better future. Spiritual work can make it easier for you and others to grasp this higher vision.
  • Mental. Increase your understanding of a particular spiritual idea and what would be required to bring it into physical manifestation. Then communicate your understanding and do the spiritual work to help others grasp the importance of it.
  • Emotional. Increase your feeling for your vision and express those feelings in a loving way. Purge your emotional body of all fear or negative feelings that stand in the way of the manifestation of your highest vision. Then do spiritual work to purge the planetary consciousness of all such ideas.
  • Physical. At this stage, spiritual work is very important in order to pave the way for a vision to become a manifest reality. This includes purging people of all negative energies or dark forces that oppose the manifestation of the vision. It is also very important for you to demonstrate your vision by living it. Only by seeing examples will people begin to strive for Christ consciousness or be willing to make major changes in their personal lives or in society. Obviously, it is also important to communicate your vision and to work physically – depending on your expertise and personal calling – to make the vision a reality.

Thought 5
Look at my life as it unfolded 2,000 years ago. I had the vision of the kingdom of God, yet I was not allowed to personally bring that kingdom into manifestation. The reason is the Law of Free Will. The kingdom of God will not come into manifestation until a critical mass of people attain a high enough degree of Christ consciousness, so they can serve as the open doors for bringing about the needed changes. My point is that as a lightworker you should focus your attention and effort on raising people’s consciousness and their awareness of the particular changes that need to happen.

You do this by calling for the clearance of the etheric, mental, emotional and material bodies of planet earth and of humankind. You always need to be aware that a change must cycle through all four levels of the material universe before it can become a manifest reality. In other words, you might be able to clearly see the changes that need to happen, yet those changes might not yet have cycled through the energy system of planet earth to the point where they can break through as a physical reality.

It is therefore important not to become attached to seeing a physical change at a particular time. I see so many people who sincerely pray or work toward a specific physical change, and then – when the change does not come about at the time they expected it to happen – they become disillusioned, and they often give up on their efforts. In many cases, people’s efforts brought a specific change down into the mental or emotional realm. Yet because people gave up just before the change could break through to the physical realm, the change either did not happen or was delayed. The darkest hour is always the hour before dawn, so never give up just before you have your victory. In your patience, posses ye your souls—and the earth.

It is extremely important for all lightworkers to consider these ideas. When you fully internalize the importance of free will and the importance of allowing a change to work through all levels of the material universe, you will never be disappointed. You will never feel hopeless about going back to your work for the light. You will reason that either the change has not yet broken through into physical manifestation or a critical mass of people have not yet chosen to embrace the change. Therefore, you will simply keep up your work unabated, knowing that if you keep working, the change will come about.

My point is, that when you have the correct vision, you can know with absolute certainty that it will come into manifestation on earth. I can assure you, that the coming of the new spiritual age cannot be stopped. God’s kingdom will be manifest on earth. We have already passed the point of no return, and human beings, even humanity as a whole, cannot stop the changes that have been set in motion. What human beings can do is to delay or speed up these changes.

So as a lightworker, it is your job to hold true to the vision you have and to keep working for that vision to become a manifest reality. However, focus your attention on raising you own and other people’s consciousness rather than focusing on specific physical changes.

Contemplate my saying, “Seek first the kingdom of God – which truly is the Christ consciousness – and all else shall be added unto you.” In other words, focus on attaining the Christ consciousness and helping other people attain the Christ consciousness. Then allow the physical changes to happen as a critical mass is reached in the material realm.

Thought 6
Have I given you words of consolation? I think that if you fully embrace the uncompromising respect for free will and the unconditional love for human beings, you will be consoled. You will know that the efforts of so many spiritual people around the world are indeed producing changes on this planet. The New Age, the golden age, will become a manifest reality. It may still take some time, and there may indeed be some birth pains. Yet the changes cannot be stopped, and they will eventually break through in the material realm.

What greater consolation can there be than to know in your heart that you are attuned to the eternal cycles of being, that you are attuned to your older brothers and sisters of the ascended masters and that you are attuned to the will of your Creator? Allow yourself to feel that you are in the flow of love, the River of Life itself. And do not allow any condition on earth to disturb your peace and take you out of the flow of love.

Flow with the River of Life and ignore the many voices that are calling to you from the shore and tempting you to attach yourself to a particular spot on the river bank. As a spiritual seeker, you cannot allow yourself to be tempted into forming an attachment to anything in the material universe. After all, if you are a truly spiritual person, you are not looking for your reward here on earth. You are looking for a reward in heaven, and that reward will surely come. If you hold the vision, some of you might even receive the reward when heaven comes to earth in your lifetime.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels