Switzerland and its role in the world

Question: I want to ask about Switzerland – it seems to be a small country. Switzerland seems to have a different position in the world than other countries. Can the masters give a different view on what is Switzerland’s role? From not being a member of the European Union. It has a very strong position in the world despite being a small country.  

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

Many things could be said about Switzerland and the role of Switzerland. What I wish to give you at this point is that Switzerland is a country that has a high potential for bringing a different perspective into the world. In many ways it has already done so partly by the direct democracy being one of the forerunners of direct democracy. Switzerland is also a country that has a tendency to isolate itself and become very, very comfortable in that isolation even building a certain sense of superiority that actually prevents the nation from living up to its highest potential. It should also be recognised that there is a very big contrast in Swiss society between the population and a hidden elite that is not generally well known. This of course is parallel to what you see in the Himalayan Mountains which are also some of the tallest mountains of the world. You often have a tendency that, in the mountains, people gather who have some spiritual development but also the fallen beings who have a very low level of consciousness.

So, in India you have many gurus that are genuine and that have reached a higher level of consciousness but you also have many false gurus. In Switzerland you have some people who have reached a high level of consciousness but you also have some fallen beings who make up a very, very dominant elite (for example) that is behind the Swiss banking system, which has for a long time managed to operate without transparency and accountability and thereby enabled fallen beings in other countries to do these financial transactions that would not stand the light of day and are not in accordance with the laws of society or the spiritual laws.

So you have very big contrasts in the country and currently Switzerland is not living up to its highest potential partly because there are not enough spiritual people that are open to a challenging teaching like the one we are giving. It is because even the spiritual people of Switzerland have become too comfortable. The entire nation is actually enveloped in this cloud of comfortability where they feel that they don’t have to deal with certain issues because they can isolate and insulate themselves from the world if they don’t want to deal with these certain challenges. This means they are not dealing with challenges in their national psychology, in their individual psychology and that is why the nation isn’t growing as fast as it could grow. It is certainly one of the nations in Europe that it is in the group of nations that has the lowest growth rate spiritually, Regardless of what is happening at the physical level.


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