Switching between higher and lower states of consciousness

Question: Beloved masters, I feel great love and gratitude to you for your help and support to me, that I experienced by being on the spiritual path. Recently, I have been more frequently experiencing states of inner comfort, that go beyond my normal state of consciousness, I might describe that as states of love, expansion and acceptance. But then I suddenly return to my normal state. And because of this contrast between the two states, I experienced kind of heavy feelings. When I start to analyze and reflect on this, I fail to recognize underlying thoughts, beliefs or conditions that cause me to switch from one state into another. I do not find an answer. And I am very confused because I feel that I do not control this process consciously, and do not understand what switches me. But the inner path is to the path of awareness, or do I not understand it correctly? Could you explain that?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have just given another answer, where we said that it is natural that at a certain level of the path, you have more of a contrast between your normal state of awareness, and what you might call spiritual experiences. Whenever you have this contrast, it is a sign that you have started going to a higher level of consciousness, but you are not yet really anchored at that level. And that is why you go back and forth between your normal state, as you might call it and the higher experience. This is a perfectly normal experience. You might very well have people who have various forms of experiences, first in glimpses then in longer periods. But there is still the contrast, when they go back and had to deal with everyday life.

It is not necessarily that there is a certain self where you can uncover a belief, but there can be certain selves that are behind this. As I said in a previous answer, there can be certain people who think that you should have these higher experiences. And this can make you go into a state of wanting to force it. But when you are open to the experience, when you allow it to happen when it happens, you simply need to realize that you will go through a process where you experience this higher experience. And hopefully, you do it more and more frequently, until it becomes the norm, the normal experience.

It does not mean that you are always in an ecstatic or more dramatic state of mind. But there can come a point where the feeling of acceptance and comfort becomes the background feeling, the backdrop for your experience on earth. In other words, most people have certain tense or inharmonious or stressed feelings about life in a normal state of consciousness. Then as you walk the spiritual path, you begin to have experiences of higher acceptance, where you can accept yourself, you feel confident and loved. And in the beginning, this will be dramatic. But after some time, you can come to a point where now you no longer feel the previous stress, or previous unacceptance of yourself or condemnation of yourself, or just a tendency to analyze yourself but you are accepting yourself for who you are.

And this becomes your new normal, it becomes the backdrop for your experience. You are experiencing life on the foundation that you are acceptable in the eyes of the ascended masters and to yourself, and therefore it gives you a different approach to life. There can be certain selves that you have that have certain beliefs about what it takes to be an acceptable person or to be loved. And it can be beneficial to look for these selves and seek to resolve them. But there are also sometimes where you simply just have to let the process unfold and go through a period where you have the contrast until the contrast starts fading away.


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