Spiritual protection, binding the ego

TOPICS: Call for binding of ego – will not take away ego – ego made from decisions you made – you must replace them with Christic decisions –

Question: About spiritual protection, when I ask for Michael’s protection around me, I also include protection from the imperfect energies of the ego within. Does this help with those unconscious forces and beliefs or do we need to bring all those to light and make them conscious in order to avoid those chinks in the armor of protection from negative energies?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is both important and helpful to ask Archangel Michael to protect you against the enemy within. In fact, it is highly beneficial to ask Archangel Michael to bind the human ego and the dweller on the threshold. You will see that this is part of Archangel Michael’s Rosary.

The reason it is important to do this is that when the lifestream begins walking the spiritual path, the lifestream often is not strong enough in its own self-awareness to keep the ego in check. The ego still has so much influence over the lifestream, that it can greatly slow down your spiritual progress and perhaps even cause you to abandon the path. It will therefore be a great assistance to your spiritual growth to ask Archangel Michael to bind the ego.

However, it is extremely important to realize that while Archangel Michael can bind your ego, no being in heaven can take away your ego. The reason being that you created your ego by making free-will choices, and therefore the ego can be uncreated only by making free-will choices.

What Archangel Michael can do for you is to bind your ego so that your lifestream can progress more rapidly on the spiritual path. As you attain a higher degree of Christhood, you can begin to tackle the ego one decision at a time. You can then gradually abandon all of the false beliefs, the imperfect decisions and the dualistic sense of identity that make up the ego.

Yet in order to be permanently free of the ego, you must consciously replace all of the dualistic decisions that led to the creation of the ego with better decisions based on the unified vision of the Christ mind. Of course, in order to replace these decisions, you must make them conscious.

However, this can be done as a gradual process of replacing imperfect beliefs with better beliefs. Only when you have replaced all of the imperfect decisions will you fulfill the saying that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. As long as you have an ego, the prince of this world will have something in you that he can use to tempt, manipulate, coerce or control you.


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