Spiritual progenitors of modern Russia

Question: What countries or organisations can be considered as the spiritual progenitors of the modern Russia? How did the ascended masters work with Russia throughout history?

Answer from the Ascended Master Lanello through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

Well, the spiritual progenitor of modern Russia is of course ancient Russia in the sense that Russia has not in recent centuries been conquered or overrun by other civilisations but has had an opportunity to develop fairly within its own state of consciousness so to speak. You may point to some incursions in the past but even what happened during the 2nd world war or what you call the great patriotic war was not truly what you have seen in other nations.

So primarily this goes back to ancient times of the original Russians deciding not to make decisions and so this pattern has simply continued and this is one reason why these people have embodied in a country that is so relatively isolated, also so spread out over such a huge area that for many centuries it did not have quite such a strong national consciousness as some smaller nations. Even today we might argue that Russia does not have a strong national consciousness the same as you see in some smaller nations where people are closer together and therefore have more of a sense of a common culture.

How have the ascended masters attempted? Well we have of course attempted to help the original Russian people come to the point of making decisions. I described this in my previous answers somewhat. How we were able to work with Peter the Great to some extent. There have been some other leaders that have had some attunement with us but there has been a history of many times where we have not in long periods been able to work with the Russian people at all or with the Russian nation.

In recent history you will see how naturally during the communist era there was very little openness for any of the communist leaders to attune to the ascended masters. Most of them were not even able or willing to do so, but even if some of them were able to attune to us and receive certain ideas there was very little opportunity for these ideas to be heard let alone implemented and acted upon. And so, there have been periods in Russian history where we have simply had to step back and let the Russian people learn from the school of hard knocks. And so this is also an effect of when people do not want to make their own decisions then there is a limit to what we can do for them.

We are not the kind of dictators that come in and tell people what to do and so we always seek to help people make better decisions and that is why whether it’s a nation or whether it is you as an individual student if you are not willing to make decisions at all but you are standing there waiting to have the perfect decision before you dare to do anything then we cannot really work with you because we are not going to tell you what to do.

You will have to make decisions and then we guide you on how to turn that first decision into a better decision and an even better decision and so on. But you have to be willing to start the chain of making decisions and if you are standing there not willing to move then we must withdraw and wait until you become open to our guidance.


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