Spiritual potential of France 

Question: What can be done spiritually to move forward the nation of France?

Answer from the Ascended MasterSaint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, this is a difficult question in the sense that you can say at what level are you asking the question? Are you asking at the level of the few people in France who are open to ascended master teachings? There are so few that are open to ascended master teachings that you cannot have a major impact in the short term on the nation. You can of course do something positive by giving invocations and decrees by raising your consciousness. But there are still so few ascended master students, whether from this or other dispensations, in France that it will take a long time before you see any results of this, you may not even see it in this lifetime.

France is sort of a challenging nation for me and my plans for the golden age. There has been progress in the nation of France, even in terms of recognizing the basic humanity but not so much the essential humanity.

France is still very much trapped in not having freed itself from the Catholic past and having too many people who have been blinded by materialism, even socialism, or some of these more black and white, almost fascist belief systems. So when you look at the population of France, you see some very big contradictions: many people who are still firmly in the Catholic belief system, many who are still in a socialist belief system even though socialism is essentially dead, and many who are just trapped in a materialistic way of looking at life and so there is not that much unity in France. This is what prevents the nation from actually moving decisively into the golden age, and even having a greater impact in Europe.

The French also have a peculiar mentality that they haven’t quite dealt with. It’s a mentality that is, in some ways similar to what you’ll find in Britain, and in Germany. There is that sense of superiority. There’s the sense that France is or should be an important nation.

You can look back at history, you can look at various things that people used to say: “Look, France did this.” There was the French Revolution, there was democracy, there was Voltaire, Rousseau, the philosophers, there was all of this that shows that we are a highly developed civilized nation. There is technology, there is all of these things that people point to. But what drives this is not really a sense of humanity, a sense of oneness. It’s sort of a desire to set yourself above other people, and a sense that they should recognize your superiority. And if they don’t, it’s because they are not as sophisticated, as civilized as you are. I’m not talking about spiritual people, I’m talking about the French collective consciousness. And there is this sense that people should then be forced to recognize us. And this affects how France relates to the rest of Europe, even the European Union.

Now you can all see when you look at history going back before the First World War, the three nations of France, Germany and England had that sense of superiority. And they were the ones who were the primary reasons for the First World War and the Second World War, it was this sense of superiority. And quite frankly, Britain still has it, France still has an aspect of it, and the only nation that has really made sincere efforts to move beyond it is Germany. And that is why if you look at Europe today, you can say that France thinks it is or should be seen as the leading nation in Europe.

But in reality, the leading nation in Europe is Germany. And the reason for this is that Germany has, more than most other nations in Europe, adapted this attitude of what you can call “servant leadership”. The Germans are not serving from a sense of superiority, they are serving from a sense of wanting to give service. The French could make that transition, but they haven’t. They haven’t done it. And that’s why they can’t be considered the leaders of Europe.

So what can be done spiritually? Well, you can make calls for this. You could hold the vision for this, but from a realistic perspective it will take time before France makes this transition. It is not an easy task because as I said, we simply don’t have enough people in France who are open to ascended master teachings or even spiritual ideas in general. The realistic scenario is that France needs to receive some hard knocks, before the collective consciousness can shift and the French people can adopt this servant role that the German people have been more willing to adopt. I’m not saying all German people have done it, but a critical mass of them have.

There are also some of the smaller nations that have adopted more of this kind of a role, where they’re not always thinking about themselves first, but looking at how they can make a contribution to Europe and even the world.


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