Spiritual perspective on Tourette syndrome

Question: Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder, people who suffer from it feel continuously compelled to vocalize and shout out thoughts and comments that they do not want to shout out. That is causing them great embarrassment and discomfort in public and making ordinary daily interactions with other people almost impossible and making life in general almost impossible for the sufferer. What causes this condition to manifest in some people? Why must they suffer so horrendously because of it? And what is the best that these people can hope for in a lifetime where they must suffer from this disorder?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, again there are many different individual conditions that human beings encounter. But the most common reason for the Tourette syndrome is that people have an openness in their emotional body that makes them open to, at least on a temporary basis, being taken over by demons in the astral realm. It is therefore not really the people who are shouting out. It is the demons who are shouting out.

Now there can be a different level of this where people have wounds from past lives that causes them to once in a while feel an emotional pain that is overwhelming to them. And therefore, they can sometimes simply have a need to release some of that tension by making some kind of exclamation, not necessarily a statement but exclaiming something.

So that can be a slightly different dynamic, but in most cases, it is because people are, at least on a temporary basis, possessed by demons. It does not mean that they are constantly possessed but when they are then compelled to shout out or vocalize they are possessed by the demons. It is really the demons talking through these people.

What can they hope for? Well, that certainly depends on how open they are to open to adopting a different view of life than the one you are normally brought up with. Because again, as we have said, the materialistic paradigm to mental illness has long outlived its usefulness, (if it ever was useful, for curing mental illness). If you accept only this paradigm, there is no hope for them for any change for the rest of this lifetime. Yes, you could come up with some kind of drug that numbed them to the point where they were not really functioning as human beings, but more sleepwalking through life. But this really is not a solution.

If you accept a spiritual outlook on life like we have given, then these people could very much benefit from, in the short run, giving decrees to Archangel Michael for protection, giving decrees and invocations to Astrea for being cut free from the astral realm and even for the judgement and binding of these demons that are attacking them.

In the long run of course, they would need to use the teachings we have given to heal their traumas from past lives and therefore, seal up the opening in their emotional bodies and sometimes even in the mental body, through which these demons can affect them. It is a trauma that causes the opening. But once the opening is there and the demons come in, then the demons become the more immediate problem.

The first stopgap measure is to get the demons out. And then you can start working on the trauma and seal the wound in the opening in the emotional and mental bodies. If people are willing to shift into a spiritual outlook, there is realistic hope that they can overcome the condition.

If they are clinging to the material outlook on life, then there is virtually no hope of any change for the rest of this lifetime. Perhaps not even in future lifetimes, because there is no guarantee that once you go out of embodiment you will heal the wound. You come back into embodiment with the same wound. And you can repeat the cycle for several lifetimes until you are finally willing to switch your outlook and look for a different approach.


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