Spiritual perspective on the speech delay

Question: I am from Russia, my son is two years, eight months old and he has a speech delay. Doctors says that this is a general tendency, and the number of such children with this condition is growing. What is the cause of that phenomenon?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, as with any such phenomenon, it can be very individual for the individual child, but there are two main tendencies. One is that there are children who are coming into embodiment who have been severely hurt in previous lifetimes, often because they have been exposed to a war, or other conditions. This can cause a child to be very reluctant to speak, and to express because it is overwhelmed by the emotions that it feels because it is now again in physical embodiment. It feels this as threatening, because it does not know what can happen. “Could I be hurt as badly as in my last lifetime?” is what the child would say if it was able to articulate this.

Now you also have, in some children that have grown up in a society such as the Soviet Union, where they were not free to speak. They were not free to say what they wanted. You have a number of children, who have re-embodied because in their last lifetime they were in embodiment in the Soviet Union, they were either persecuted, perhaps even executed for having said something. This can also make them very reluctant to speak in this lifetime. These are sort of, the one side of it, of children who were traumatized in a past lifetime.

But you also have some children that are actually more evolved souls that come into embodiment. These children are just more focused within. They are not as outgoing as what you would call “normal children”, because they are more spiritually mature, and they are more focused on their inner lives. These children, when they come into embodiment again, they feel the contrast between their inner spiritual life and their outer situation, where the energies are so dense in the physical octave, that they want to maintain their inner attunement and awareness as long as they can. Therefore, they will often be more inward, they will be less communicative. There are even some children, not many, but some of those who have been diagnosed with autism, who fall in this category, where they shut themselves completely off from the physical octave, because of the difference in energies. For these children, it is not something you really need to do anything about because they will gradually grow out of it as they become older and realize they need to start working on their divine plan, which was after all, what brought them into embodiment.

Of course, how can you know, whether your child is in one category or the other? Well, you can know intuitively, if you have good intuition, but otherwise, you should, of course, do what is available to you, what is practical for your life, to help the child. But do not seek to force the child because whether the child is in the traumatized category or the more developed category, it does not do any good to force the child. You can seek to support the child, but be patient, give the child some time to grow until it is ready to start speaking. In other words, do not look at the child as being deficient if it is not speaking at the normal time. And first of all, do not look at yourself as being a deficient parent, because you have a child that isn’t speaking. It would especially be non-constructive if you have given birth to one of these advanced children, and then because of that, feel that you are not adequate as a parent. The opposite is actually the case.


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