Spiritual perspective on the death of George Floyd

Question 1: Can you comment on the recent George Floyd murder by police and the African American community in general? Is it tied to the records of slavery in America? 

Question 2: Can the Masters comment on the death of George Floyd and some of the riots happening as a result of this? It seems some people are justifying the riots. Is this just a consciousness that needs to play itself out? How can we bring more awareness about this from a spiritual perspective?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, again, when you look at this situation, you can see how many situations have there been in the United States where the police have shot somebody or otherwise killed somebody or been too violent in dealing with the public? How many situations have we had? How many situations do we need to have?

The real reason for this is that there is a collective beast, a collective entity that has been created by the law enforcement community in the United States. And it is based on a certain set of attitudes that, quite frankly, are in some ways related to what you find in dictatorial countries, where you also have a certain law enforcement community that have this attitude that their job is to control the public and make sure certain things don’t happen and they should be allowed to use any means necessary to accomplish this goal.

And I’m not saying that is all of it, but that is certainly part of it—that you have this collective entity and this doesn’t mean that most people in the law enforcement community in the United States are overpowered by this entity, but some certainly are. And some can become that when they are in a tense situation. That is why you see a police officer doing something like this which is completely illogical, completely irrational, and quite frankly completely unintelligent, in an age where everybody has a cell phone and can video anything that’s happening in front of them.

How can you possibly say that this person acted rationally? Obviously, he didn’t. He had no thought for the consequences here, both for himself and for the law enforcement community and for the potential for these riots to occur. You can only look at this and say this person’s mind was taken over by something that isn’t rational, that just had a drive to punish somebody for some perceived offense. This is the law enforcement aspect of it.

Now, of course, you have also the situation in the black community in the United States. And one question raised the possibility that this could be connected to slavery. And it’s true that there is a certain connection here because there are still many people in the United States in the black community especially, but even some among the white people in the white supremacists who cannot leave this issue of slavery behind. They cannot let the past go. They are holding on to this.

And there is, of course, a collective beast created by black people in America that makes black people want to see themselves as victims of white oppression. And they want to feel that the reason why they can’t do better in their lives is because they are limited by the white people in America and they don’t have the right opportunities and all of these things.

Now again, many, many black people are not affected by this. They have done whatever they needed to do: to get an education, get a good job, free themselves from the past and live constructive, positive lives. But there is a segment of the black community in America that just cannot let go of the past. And these are the kind of people who then become vulnerable to these anger entities that just want to create chaos. There are certain anger entities that are constantly looking for people they can use to create chaos. There’s no rational reason behind it.

It is clear, as some people have already said, that these riots will not advance or improve the situation of black people in America. On the contrary, how can it? How can it advance or improve the situation of black people, when many white people will react strongly against this violence and see the black people behind these riots have just simply gone out of control, which they are because their minds are taken over by this collective beast that just wants to create chaos.

Now again, you could say, is it understandable that many black people are frustrated? I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m not saying that black people’s situation shouldn’t be improved. But what I am saying is that many black people are frustrated because they’re overpowered by this collective entity and cannot let go of the past. They cannot look at their situation and say: “What do we actually need to do to improve our situation, given the society we have right now?

You will see that there are many people, black, white, Asian, Hispanics, who have used the American society, as it is, to improve their situation.This can be done if people are willing, but if they are overpowered by this beast that makes them not willing to do what they need to do, well, then they cannot do it. And so they feel frustrated.

Of course, an element of this is also the Corona crisis, which as I said, always hits hardest —any crisis always hits hardest at the lowest income level. There are many black people who have lost their job and who face an uncertain future because of this. Here comes a situation that allows them to take out their frustration and their anger. From a certain perspective, understandable but from another perspective, not constructive. Not constructive for black people, not constructive for America.

You have seen in previous decades how there were other riots in connection with economic organizations meeting in the United States. You had some years ago, these riots in Seattle not driven by black people, primarily driven by white people, but again, people who were thinking that they had some epic cause they were fighting for, but once you cross that threshold and you start committing violence against people who have nothing to do with the cause you think you are espousing, who are not the cause of this problem, then you have crossed a threshold where your efforts cannot have any constructive impact.

What can be done about it? Well, if you feel this is important to you, you could certainly make the calls for the binding of these spirits. But unfortunately, there are many situations where once things are brought into the physical, they have to sort of run their course. They have to be expressed to a certain degree, before people can stop it. That is the case with these riots, it is the case with the corona situation. It is if once something has broken into the physical, it cannot be stopped quickly. It must be allowed to outplay itself until people have had enough of it and can see that it doesn’t lead to anything constructive.


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