Spiritual perspective on the chronic fatigue 

Question: I have had chronic fatigue my whole life. It appears that it results from the activity of the Epstein-Barr virus in my body. Millions of lives are affected by that same virus. What is the spiritual cause for that condition?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, you have to be careful to consider what you mean with the “spiritual cause.” There is, of course, a physical aspect of this, namely, a virus in the body. And I know we have said that everything in the physical octave is the effect of causes in the three higher realms. So, you cannot really say that there is a spiritual cause for a virus. There is a virus in the higher realms, in the emotional, mental and identity, but that is not really a spiritual cause.

Any virus is the result of a lower state of consciousness, certain beliefs and images that are in the collective consciousness, and you have taken this in and it makes you vulnerable to the physical virus entering your body and your cells. There is, in other words, not an immune response in your cells that can consume the virus and it is  because it is not seen as a foreign element by your immune system. And the reason it isn’t seen as a foreign element, is because there is some corresponding self, there is a belief in your emotional, mental and identity bodies.

In the case of viruses that produce fatigue, there is not just one single cause, but what you need to ponder here, and why you need our tools to come to see these separate selves is, that it is very, very easy for people, especially avatars, but also the original inhabitants, to feel overwhelmed by conditions in the physical octave. You feel so overwhelmed dealing with conditions, dealing with the conflicts that you see.

You are overwhelmed, not just physically, but emotionally, adjusting to all of these emotions that are constantly coming up in your emotional body when you experience certain outer conditions.

You are exhausted, overwhelmed mentally, because you cannot understand why all of these things are going on, and you cannot understand what to do about it. And you can even be overwhelmed at the identity level, because you don’t yet have this clear sense of who you are as a spiritual being, and you don’t understand why you are here, what made you come to this earth, why, as some people feel, you have deserved to be here, or why God is punishing you by putting you on a planet like this. There can be many of these subtle beliefs, and it makes you feel overwhelmed.

In order to feel less overwhelmed, you are attempting to build sort of an armor around yourself. It is comparable to building a physical buffer zone, a wall around your body. Imagine that you are making bricks out of clay and stacking them up so you build a wall around your physical body, and you make it thicker and thicker so it can withstand the attacks from without.

What many people have done over many lifetimes, when they didn’t have a spiritual path, and the teachings we are giving, is that you have attempted to use fear-based energy to build a wall around your emotional body that can keep energies out, so you do not feel so overwhelmed. And you build walls in the mental and identity realms as well. Well, of course this takes effort, and so it creates a resistance in your four lower bodies, and it is this resistance that actually makes you feel tired.

Chronic fatigue is therefore not just a physical thing, but of course it has a physical parallel, that can be not necessarily caused by a virus, but certainly reinforced by the virus. But it really is something that starts in the three higher bodies by this sense of being overwhelmed. Of course, I am not saying that you should not take whatever physical precautions you can take to deal with a specific form of virus. But if you really want to overcome this, you need to use our tools to work on the three higher bodies and discover these separate selves, these beliefs you have about this planet, and the resistance you feel.

I would say that certainly the majority, not all spiritual people, but the majority of spiritual people, are dealing with fatigue in some way or another. And it is simply because you are spiritual because you realize that there must be a higher reality than what you see on earth. And you are therefore overwhelmed by the contrast, where you know there are so many things on earth that shouldn’t be happening. This creates this resistance in you that takes energy to uphold, and therefore you are draining your energy, instead of being able to use it for more creative purposes. When you overcome this resistance by overcoming the selves and the beliefs, you will free up some of this energy, and you will have more energy.

But you also need to be aware as a spiritual person that: Why are you a spiritual person? You are spiritual because you are sensitive to energy. In other words, you are spiritual because you sense that there are energies that are higher than what you see on earth. There is a spiritual realm beyond it. But sensitivity can also make you sensitive to lower energies, and that means that you can be more sensitive to people’s suffering.  And this can be overwhelming to you as well, and cause you fatigue, because again, you feel frustrated — what can you do to alleviate people’s suffering? But you cannot stop yourself from feeling it.

And that is where again, you need to use the tools for spiritual protection. But you also again, need to uncover those selves that make you think that you have to feel people’s energies. As we have said before, you don’t have to feel people’s energy and let them pull you down, and let other people pull you into their emotional reactionary patterns.


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