Spiritual perspective on surrogacy

Question: What is the position of the masters on surrogacy? Basically, the child is born physically from the womb of a surrogate carrier, instead of the biological mother. [I guess it’s not the biological mother if it isn’t born from her womb, but anyway]. I’m considering having another child via surrogacy, as I have had a very difficult first pregnancy 13 years ago, and I’m much older now in my 40s. I would like to know the spiritual ramifications of birthing in such a way. Does it matter to the incoming lifestream whose physical body carries it for nine months and births it? [Basically, not the biological, I would say legal mother] If so, in what way? Could the incoming lifestream choose not to take embodiment if the biological parents decide to use a surrogate mother? What other implications could it have?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, using surrogacy is a legitimate way to have another child if there are reasons why you cannot give birth to it yourself. Adoption is of course, another method that can be considered. Naturally, the incoming lifestream has the option to refuse to come into embodiment. If for example, there is a lifestream that is more tied to the woman giving birth than the surrogate mother, then it could refuse to come into embodiment in order to not be in a different family.

But it is much more likely that if you are deciding you want to use a surrogate mother, you will attract a lifestream who wants to be your child and therefore wants to come into embodiment in your family, grow up in your family, even if it is borne by another mother.

So, there is not anything unspiritual or wrong about this method. But of course, there can be individual cases where the surrogate mother could develop an attachment to the child or the child could even develop a certain attachment to the surrogate mother in the womb, as is the case in some cases with adoptions. But nevertheless, it is a method that you can consider and if you feel intuitively led to do it, then follow your inner guidance on this.


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