Spiritual perspective on pedophilia 

Question: Could the masters give a spiritual perspective on pedophilia? Why does pedophilia exist? What invocations can we give from removing pedophilia from Earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, we have before given teachings that pedophilia primarily exists because there are many beings, especially the fallen beings who have been cut off from receiving energy from the spiritual realm directly. Therefore, in order to sustain themselves, to even stay alive, but also to have a certain power to do anything, they must steal energy from the people who are still receiving it from the spiritual realm. And one of the ways that you can steal energy from people is of course through rape or other sexual perverted practices. But you can only steal a certain amount of energy from people, depending on how much energy they have. And some adults have squandered some of their energy.

But in general, children still have a certain amount of vital life energy with them before they start becoming sexually active or leading the kind of lifestyle that many teenagers and adults live that caused them to squander their energy. That is why there is a certain segment of beings who cannot receive light from the spiritual realm who seek to steal it by having sex with children. That is the real reason for it. You can of course make calls for this. You can use invocations to Astrea, you can use various other invocations, such as the old Rosary to Archangel Michael, the Infinite Light rosaries and others. But you can make the calls for the judgment of those who are pedophiles, but also the demons, the entities behind them. And you can make the calls for the awakening of societies to really recognize this problem and do more to limit it.


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