Spiritual perspective on Milgram Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment

Question: The psychology of evil. Could the masters comment on the following well known psychological experiments and about what they mean to our essential humanity. After the Second World War, Stanley Milgram made an experiment about obedience to see if a normal human being would be able to inflict terrible pain or even death to another human being he never saw before, for no reason. And this experiment, repeated many times over the years, has shown that about 75% of normal people can do so if he is not going to be held responsible for it. Only 25% refuse to do it. In the early 70’s, Philip Zimbardo made another experiment and did show to us what he called the “Lucifer Effect.” Any normal and with no previous mental issues person suffers a transformation and loses his humanity just after putting on a uniform like a police uniform, and feels that he has authority over others to humiliate, torture and even kill others. Unfortunately, this happens many times with military and police agents. Now, is this caused by the fact that these people have no individual identity yet and is taken by collective beasts or is it something more and related to the humanity itself?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

You need to draw a line here and recognize that such experiments can show something about human psychology, but not about human nature. As I have said before, there really is no “human” nature, because it is all unresolved psychology.

What you need to recognize here is that these experiments do not show that all people or most people have a propensity for evil. You may look at a person that has been put in a situation like these experiments do. You may say, “Well, this person did something that was evil.” And that is true. But the person did not put itself in that situation. They did not define the parameters of the situation. The person only responded to the situation.

What you see in, for example, the concentration camp guards at Auschwitz and other camps, is that when they are forced into a situation a highly unnatural, abnormal situation, they can do things that are evil. But this does not mean that they are evil people, because they would not have done so had they not been put in that situation. Really, it was the people who put them in that situation and defined the parameters for the situation that were evil. But even those people were in many cases taken over by entities and demons and fallen beings in higher realms that are clearly evil or at least have evil intentions.

It is true that you can look at these situations and you can see that people who are below the 48th level of consciousness are much more open to the collective consciousness. They do not have so strong an individuality and therefore their minds are easily taken over by a collective entity, and they can do something evil that they normally would not do.

Now you can, of course, go to the lower levels towards the zero level, and you can find fallen beings, psychopaths and narcissists, who have a very strong individual personality, and it is very much leaning towards the evil spectrum. But this is not the case for the vast majority of the population.

Now, once you get over the 48th level, people have a certain inner sense of what is right and not right. People below the 48th level do not have a strong individual sense of what is right and not right, they tend to go with the situation. That is why if they are put in uniform, put in a position to have power, they do whatever is demanded by that situation, sometimes carrying it further than what is actually demanded. But nevertheless, that is again, because their minds are taken over by demons or collective spirits.

When you are over the 48th level you can resist this kind of outer pressure or collective pressure because you have enough internal sense of what is right and not right. And of course, the higher you go, the stronger that sense will be and the less susceptible you are to being overpowered and manipulated by a certain situation. Of course, you really have to go beyond the 96th level before it becomes very difficult to manipulate you.


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