Spiritual perspective on menstruation

Question: Can the masters give us a spiritual perspective on menstruation? For some women it is very disturbing physically and emotionally.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.


In the current density of the physical realm, menstruation has a physical function. It is not absolutely necessary for most women who live in a more evolved society and live a healthier lifestyle, but it was carried over from the past where hygiene was not as good and where the consciousness was even denser than it is today. On a natural planet, you of course, do not have it, but even in a purer state of the earth, where childbirth was still necessary, you did not have menstruation. It is a product of the lowering of the collective consciousness and densification of matter. This of course does not help you deal with it, but it just gives you a certain perspective that it is not natural, it is not unavoidable. 

There is a clearly physical component of menstruation where there is a certain process in the body, or certain toxins can be excreted. But the real question here is: “How much does that affect your emotional, mental and identity bodies?” For those who have a difficult menstruation, that often leads to psychological symptoms as well.  There can be many reasons for this, but just to be practical and not overwhelm you with too much complexity, you would do well to use the tools we have given on the separate selves and on the various traumas. Use those tools to seek to uncover what separate selves you have, that relate to being a woman, being in a female body.  

There is certainlymany, many people, and it is not just people who are embodied as a woman in this lifetime, because many of you men have also been embodied as women in the past lifetime. We can say there are many, many people who have received, not really a birth trauma, but a very severe trauma relating to being a woman, and how women have been treated throughout history.  Being burned as a witchis clearly a deep trauma. It is a question of how you, when that happened to you, if that happened to you, I’m not saying it happened to all of you; how you individually saw this as a result of you being a woman and therefore built a separate self that had some kind of negative feeling about being a woman. For example, when it comes to childbirth, there are many women who have very difficult labor, a very long labor. There are other women, for whom giving birth is almost painless, very fast, and it is not a traumatic experience for them, and the same with menstruation. What creates the difficulty is that you are resisting something, either you are resisting the process, but beyond that is a resistance towards being in a female body. This comes from these, in many cases, several traumas that you have been exposed to in past lives. But it doesn’t have to be just a specific trauma as a result of a very dramatic event. It can also be a, we might say, long term accumulated trauma, of being embodied as a woman in many lifetimes and experiencing the discrimination but also just being stuck in that female role were you were so limited in many of the societies you see. For example, being embodied in a Muslim society where you have to cover yourself up all of the time, and why you are so restricted in what you can do, and not do, whether you can speak out or not speak out. This can be a trauma in itself. Of course, you do not have to go very far back before, it was also a trauma to be embodied in the Western world as a woman and to some degree, it still is. 

What you need to recognize here is that you are not a woman, the Conscious You is neither male nor female. You are a spiritual being that is beyond sex. Now, you may have been a woman in many lifetimes, and therefore you have been exposed to traumas that made it inevitable that you would create these separate selves. But it is the separate self that cause you to have this resistance that makes your menstruation worse or makes your childbirth more difficult. You can overcome much of this, at least the psychological effects of it, by working on these separate selves.  

Now there is of course, also a physical component relating to hormones that affect the menstruation process and can make it more severe, and that is something that is a more complex issue. There will, in the future, be various physical means that can help women alleviate these symptoms, but this will require a further development of vibrational or energetic medicine because it will not be a chemical pill. It will be a vibration that can influence the hormonal system. This is not something that helps you very much, to tell you what might happen in the future. 

But what you can do something with right now is work on these separate selves because the less resistance you have to being in a female body, the more resolution you have. The more peace you are at, about being in a female body, the easier it will be for you to deal with the issues related to the female body. Of course, the same relates to being in a male body and some of the issues of being in a male body, but that is another topic. Although, it really is the same topic because you can also have been exposed to traumas related to being a man, especially for example going to war, and this can have created, again these separate selves, for you resist being in that role.



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